Somehow it’s been 3 months since I was in Montenegro. I haven’t had a place affect me like that in a long time. There was little to do but it was fascinating in a mundane way, seeing how the place worked and the various cultures that had been instilled over centuries of half-occupations. My motivation artistically has been altered in the past months. I’ve been super busy with work and then my relationship fell apart and since then I’ve had 7 rolls of photos from Montenegro that I have yet to get enlargements for. The past few years I usually got enlargements made within a month of returning from the trip but also I was working so hard on my photo exhibition and trying to prepare for the trip back home that I’ve neglecte them for awhile. I decided today I’m going to go through them and pick out about 10 photos to be enlarged so I can put some on the walls, seeing as that I have a lot more wall space now and it is my most recent trip.

I’ll be in Spain in 11 days. It will be a much different trip than I originally had planned but that’s okay, I’m sure Mooney won’t mind if I’m taking lots of photographs around town during the day and then at night we’ll whoop it up like it’s our last night on earth but do that every night for 8 nights. We have the possibility of having a blast while we’re there! In fact, I’m pretty sure we will. It’s 6pm now, I just got done with a workout, it’s still gray and rainy and it feels good to more or less have nothing else left to do today.

I’ll get some of the Montenegro photos digitized in the next weeks and will hook you up but a lot of the good stuff is already on the blog if you go back to June 2007. Can you remember 3 months ago? It feels like a lifetime ago and you know what’s stupid, what in a petty way makes me angry? I wish what’s-her-face had broken up with me before I went to Montenegro, like a real woman would have, so I could enjoy myself in Montenegro in ways I envisioned. You should have seen some of the ladies there, they were either dressed to the nines or in bikinis and had a walk that mesmerized you. So there I was, surrounded by sexiness but was good and there is what’s-her-face not missing me because she had some other dude to warm her ass. That’s fucking lame but I sure as hell don’t have that to worry about anymore!


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  1. J says:

    Where in Spain are you going? I’ll be there 8 – 17 Sept.

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