Well, I guess YOU happened.

September 30, 2007

One of my roommates got mad at me because I came home last night. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’re reading that correctly, she got mad because apparently after seeing me, Assiyeah and her new boyfriend didn’t want to come over anymore. I don’t know what to say except that is totally stupid. She can come here with her new boyfriend and hang out at my place with my roommates whenever the fuck she wants, I don’t give a shit but for her to come all the way over here, see me outside the building and then decide not to go up and hang with the girls is her decision and has nothing to do with me. Chick A+ and I tried our damndest to find a bar to catch a buzz but it was near impossible because either there was live music or no place to sit. Seriously, we hit 6-7 bars trying to find a place to our liking and couldn’t.

Chick A+ and I are still hanging out at 9.30pm, we went on a great little walk around 7pm and then had two beers in Walfisch which was nice. We also just ate leftover gnocci from last night and now we’re planning on watching some friends.

My roommate said an all-time classic line last night. I saw her at 1.30am and asked her, Roommate, what happened? Her answer: Well, I guess YOU happened. Nice… It’s hard to believe that me coming home to my place is somehow my fault but I’m over it.

I gotta go to the Auslaenderbehoerde tomorrow to try and get a 90-day extension. Wish me luck!


Almost a full moon

September 29, 2007

It’s not a normal night, that’s for sure. I’m sitting at the computer, 10 minutes to midnight with the one and only Chick A sitting next to me. She just gave me permission to publish her partial identity so here she is, from our short train trip on the way to the photo exhibition the other night. Yes, the bottom half of her face is just as cute as the top half but you’ll just have to imagine it from your computer wherever you are in the world. Enjoy!

p.s. Why is the subject of this post “Almost a full moon”? Well, I’ll tell ya. I was a bit shocked to learn that Assiyeah was coming over to hang with the girls tonight because I already had plans with Chick A here at the apartment so I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen. After a great dinner and some champagne, Chick A and I decided to head down to Walfisch for our normal, after dinner Jaegermeister shot and so we could get out of the apartment but there was a concert at Walfisch. Swamp also had live music so we couldn’t go there. We ended up walking around for an hour, went into 4 other bars around town and couldn’t find our vibe. Chick A went home real quick to take her birth control pill but there were people there so we couldn’t hang there. The night was just turning out to be strange, straight up. We ended up walking home and as we were 30 yards from my house, who rides by on her bicycle but Assiyeah and her boyfriend. You should have seen the look on her face. Chick A helped me feel calm even though I was doing okay. We waited 5 minutes, shared a great kiss in the doorway of some other apartment building and then went into my apartment.
So now we are drinking mimosas in my room, Chick A and I that is, and Assiyeah, Lena, Carola, Lena, Yvonne and who knows who else is in the living room next to us. It’s been a super strange night but it just reminds me yet again how lucky I am to know a chick as cool as Chick A. I think she has just been promoted to Chick A+. We still have another 2 bottle of champagne baby! Thank god there is “nothing” to do tomorrow!

The partial identity of Chick A!

September 28, 2007

Happy Friday folks, although technically it is Thursday for me because I have to work tomorrow, one of the 3 Saturdays a year I have to work. Don’t feel bad for me, I have a date with a super cute chick tomorrow. You know her as Chick A. Last night she came over at 11.30pm and we drank a bottle of Spanish champagne and listened to sad drinking music which was beautiful (Lucero’s “Tennessee” if you’re curious) and we talked about real shit, like “dreams” (masked as desires and direction) and the future and the present and the past and feeling like there was no world except for the two candles, the butterfly lights, the Nag Champa incense, Spanish champagne and us. That lasted a couple of hours. Then we ate a pizza at 2am in bed, laughing and the stringy cheese made holy from the candlelight. Didn’t sleep enough, got up at 7.20, a rough time to be sure. We had some coffee and went into town together, this time NOT getting noticed by 3 different people who go to the school where she goes and I work. Steal a last minute kiss in the cold and she goes home and me to work.

We had a sausage at lunch today and had some cuddle time (still had the tie and “nice clothes” on) on my break. We need each other right now but not necessarily for the same exact reasons but it doesn’t matter (for now) because we have a really good time when we’re together. It’s hard to think past that, ya know?

I just saw my buddy Petschko, haven’t hung with him in awhile, he was in the hospital and is doing better, it’s funny but it reminded me that I do actually have some friends here. It’s not like I forgot it but I have just trying to live my life that makes me as happiest as I can be right now, aka maybe I’m not being such a good friend right now but I think they’ll get over it and/or forgive me.

Right now my two roommates are laughing as wildly as I have ever heard them laugh and had to stop typing briefly to ask them what the commotion was about. It turns out one roommate who works at a dentist had a patient today named Frau Wursthorn, (wurst meaning sausage) which could conjure humorous images of what her name means. That’s right kids, the penis. That’s what they were laughing about, classic!

I am hoping to work on writing a song with Alex tonight. He’ll be over around 9-10pm and I’ll have for a couple of hours but I need a good night sleep because tomorrow is going to be a big day, work from 10-1:30pm, then 2-3:30pm and then Chick A is coming over around 6 I would guess.

I like my new life.
p.s. If Chick A is out there, let me know if I can post that picture of you with the beer covering your face to give the partial identity of you!


September 27, 2007

Below are four sets of lyrics/poems that were inspired by Chick A. I hadn’t written poetry or lyrics in what could easily be 8-9 years but I also haven’t been in this position for nearly the same time. She’s my muse, an inspiration and I hope that you can enjoy them. I’m hoping to put them to some music with a guy who was a student of mine and perhaps we can perform them at the Groovement festival.

I should do some work tonight but I have absolutely no desire. You know that feeling, right?


September 27, 2007

A breath of freshness
Smelling, for the second time
A chance, the France of romance
And the sweet sun on the beach

You’re a holiday, infinite
Happiness as a passport packed
Free, the glee of our future history
Like a worn paperback thriller in the sand

Here and now, Budda says
As he sits plump and content
Release, the beast won’t cease
Hungry for what you cook in the night

Cheers, my friend
Feelin’ lucky in the end
Of the middle of the end
Of the beginning of the
Middle of the end
No doubt we can mend

A sunburn and aloe vera
Soothing in the pain
A sign, in the wine and dine
Your sunset burns my eyes

A snorkel and the waves
Dangerous, but fun nonetheless
Swim, in the sin of a win
To surf with you again

Fresh fish on the grill
Frying and sizzling
Wafting, the laughter of banter
And when you laugh again…

And when you smile again
I feel like I’ve won
Beaten a king in the sun
While the queen fans herself

And I raise my sword in your honor
Slam it into the sand
Walk up to you and kneel
And offer you my hand.


September 27, 2007

I know, I know
Should have asked you first
But I’ve been trying and lying
Gotta quench that thirst

And sleep at night
Without waking up
Been drinking and thinking
‘Bout your curvy cup

‘Cause I get so thirsty
when the sun goesdown
The dripping from your faucet
Is my oasis sound

Tomorrow, when the sun comes up
Will you be there?
It’s not like I care
My pride is who knows where
But damn I get so thirsty sometimes

You can see that look in my eye
You’re so damn smart
You never ask why

I know, I know
You got other things goin’ on
You been gliding and biding
Shh, close your eyes until dawn

And stretch like a cat
Without disturbing me
Been dreaming and scheming
How to get you in my bed daily

‘Cause I get so thirsty
When the sun comes up
And you know that and
You know what’s up

I can see that look in your eye
I’m so damn smart
I never ask why

Why would I ask
What I don’t wanna know
Questions make problems
When you don’t wanna answer, so…

It’s today that counts
And he’s so far away
You’re not on the same page
And you don’t know what to say

‘Cause I get so thirsty
When the sun is high overhead
Been walking and talking
Thinking ’bout what you said

We can see the look in our eyes
We’re so damn smart
We never ask why

Espresso Drinking

September 27, 2007

Drinking an espresso
As the bells get ready to ring
It could be a smile or a coo
And we’re ready to sing
Sing ’bout times we haven’t had
Even though some will be bad
‘Cause the good is the thing
Why we’re soaring on a wing
of tomorrow’s unimportant regret

If today were tomorrow
The things we’d already know
I’m glad I don’t
In case we won’t
Get along like we are now
Your flower blooms
The lovin’ it assumes
Makes my sun shine
Do you know why we’re here?
Me either
Ain’t it great?
It’s not too late
To do what we want

I remember when it all started
Don’t know when it’s gonna end
I gotta tell my friend
You don’t care if tis gets sorted
And it ain’t no thang
I liked how you sang
When the clothes fell off
Like handles
Pots & pans
You got ’em both
And the clanging
And banging
And the sounds
When you’re frying
Crackle in my mind
Give me some time
Before I cook another dish
No, no, don’t go
Let’s drink another espresso