Chick A

Chick A just left. We have hung out the last two days. She’s someone definitely worth knowing. You’ll remember that she was the girl that I “hung out” with just before I left Germany for the States at the end of July.

Yesterday we lunch together and then went and chilled out at my place, trying to make some sense of the chaos of my room and trying to get to know each other better. She seems to understand that I’m not in the right head space for a girlfriend but I can be a great, uncomplicated person to know. We definitely have some stuff in common but she’s shy, something I haven’t been in probably 25 years so it’s interesting how different we are as well.

Today she came over for dinner but first we had to go shopping for food. We decided to “pimp” spaghetti bolognese and put some green olives, onions, garlic and fresh peppers (long thin peppers with some punch to them). It was great just getting to hang out and talk and make food with someone. I can’t stress enough how much it has meant to me to have someone really cool (and sexy as hell to boot) to spend time with. I could potentially feel as alone as I’ve ever felt, what with living in a foreign country without what’s-her-face, far from home and yet here I am, hanging with a super cool chick. Tonight she definitely opened up some more, told more about her life growing up in Italy, about her siblings and stuff and while it might sound mundane to you, I am in a completely new position in life and I enjoyed having a totally normal conversation with a woman and it was sort of like we were on a date but there was no pressure. After dinner we went down to Walfisch for an espresso and a jaegermeister, the culmination of her german and italian roots I suppose, hahahaha.

There’s actually a lot more to tell about her but not all of it is appropriate since my mom and some of the family occasionally read this blog but don’t worry, this isn’t some dream and it really happened. She’s walking home now and I’m saying hi to her now. Hi.


One Response to Chick A

  1. Roman says:

    Hey bro, glad you made it back to Germany safely. Can you post a picture of Chick A (naked preferrably). I had a great time while you were in So. Cal. Looking forward to your return. Later!

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