the satin doll

Last night I had my first real strip club experience. I ended up spending about 150 bucks and it was worth every penny. I got two lap dances, one from a girl named “Notorious”, an 18-year girl from Warwick, RI and a chick named Joey. It was 25 bucks/lap dance and it lasted a song or so (Joey gave me a song and a half which was nice of her). Beers were only 5 bucks but I spent about 40 bucks in singles last night and even gave some to the girls to give to other girls while they were dancing. That 150 bucks I justified as what my rent in Freiburg would have been had Assiyeah and I still been together. I spanked about 5 different asses last night and I just want to thank god for giving me the opportunity to earn enough money that I can every once in a great while waste 150 bucks on something as beautiful as that. It was another therapy session. I’m glad I’m cheap because I could see where people (guys) could wasted a bunch of money there but that ain’t my scene but I enjoyed posing in it for the night.

I’m in Boston now, staying with a couchsurfing host named Rob. I’m flying to Philly tomorrow. Germany is getting closer and that means a lot of things, stress and lonliness but also opportunity and freedom and work and daily routine. I hope that I can find a good mix to make me feel like there are also positive changes in my life as well.



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