Portland, Maine

A lot has changed in the 2 years since I was last in Portland, Maine. I have had 8 exhibitions, lost a girlfriend, traveled to South America and other new countries like Turkey and Montenegro. I have gotten better jobs, have had unbelievable trouble and stress with the foreign authorities, and all of the everyday stuff that goes on.

I am starting to enjoy being single. Again, I am the luckiest MOFO to be out of Germany this month and I have been taking advantage of it. I’ve been enjoying being able to talk to other women, encourage them to get to know me better and who knows, I might really start to like being single but I hope I can find someone to keep me warm this Fall! But one day at a time….

Tomorrow I’m going to see the Black Crowes for the 26th time. On Wednesday I’ll be in Philly and on Friday I’ll be in New York. Life is good my friends…


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