Rock Bottom

I saw 4 people I used to work with 4.5 years last night: Chad, Dennis, Matt and Nick. We all worked at Rock Bottom in the Irvine Spectrum and it was a great job that allowed me to save enough money to move to Germany. I’d only seen Chad once or twice since then and it was great to see all of them at one time. We spent most of it reminiscing about hot chicks we used to work with and being grateful that our old manager Matt comped our entire bill, which was probably getting close to about 100 bucks, thanks Matt!

We talked about movies and travel and art but mostly we did what American guys do when they get together and drink: we talked about chicks and also spent most of our time trying to make each other laugh. One of us would start to tell a story about our past, invariably it was Chad because he’s the “most accomplished” of the group and then another one would try to supply the punchline to the anecdote, thereby infusing humor where it shouldn’t necessarily be. Good stuff…

Today’s agenda? First, it’s 7.20am and why I am awake already, that’s the question! I’m going to lunch with Amy, and I need to swing by Aaron brothers to get something to hang the photos with for Saturday’s exhibition. I’m going to try and go to my buddy’s bar for Taco Tuesday. Come on, 1 dollar tacos, 1-dollar beers from 7.30-8.30pm and 2.50 Coronas all night, me gusta mucho! Tomorrow I’m playing golf, woohoo! Life is good.

***This post has been edited because I apparently repeated the same info in two posts, woops! Hey, it happens, right?


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