Lamppost Pizza

I met up with my buddy Nate today and we went back to his house to hang out a bit and then we went to Lamppost Pizza by his house. They have a microbrewery attached to it and we sat there and ended up talking to the assistant brewer and the bartender. They were both really nice people and I couldn’t believe that the brewer knew about the Deutsche Reinheitsgebot, it was fucking classic. The bartender was a cute 21-year old girl with a boyfriend but I had the feeling she could be more interested in what I had to say but then again, I was just a customer and that definitely changes things.

But that’s the cool thing, I’m still in heal-phase from my relationship but getting to know new women and talking to them is going to help me find my place, my voice when it comes to the single, heterosexual world. I’m super stoked to be talking to this student of mine outside New York, she’s a really cool girl and I think we have a lot of things in common and I’m looking forward to hooking up with her in New York, it could be a really good time. It’s just so bizarre that I’m suddenly allowed to flirt with women and get to know new women, I’m still getting used to it.

That’s the thing. Assiyeah could probably meet a lot more guys who wanna fuck her than I could meet girls who wanna do the same to me but there’s a chance I might end up getting more action than her the next 6 months because I’m motivated and I”m a guy. She will have this fling with the dude and maybe it works out and maybe it doesn’t but it ain’t my problem. She still has to feel comfortable with the new guys she meets. For a woman, that’s complicated. For guys, it’s a much easier proposition but before I delve into that, this might be a good place to stop so we still have things to talk about!

Assiyeah wrote me today trying to get out of paying my half of the rent for August. She said, why, you’re just on holiday and it’s unfair and if you want I wont’ bring the new boyfriend to our place, I’ll respect that if you want. I wrote her that there were much more important things to respect two months ago when she decided to start cheating on me. I apologized but for me to heal properly, I have to stand strong here and not pay for my half of the rent when I’m not there for the month. It might make her mad but this is part of not being with me anymore. If she can’t understand that, that ain’t my problem anymore, is it?


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