Yesterday I was up at 6am. Today was much better at 8.02am but I also went to bed much later, 10pm and 12:30am respectively. Jetlag, I hear it’s called though I haven’t been sleeping so well for about 2 weeks now, I wonder why…

So, I got caught up on news yesterday, watched some of the testimony about the Pat Tillman fraticide case online and watched some morning news (story about a guy who too many animals in his house was one of the stories) and on good ole Fox News they talked about the fear/distraught of Hillary winning. I usually only get to see the creme de la creme of Faux Noise so the normal day to day stuff that probabaly slips past the blogosphere somehow quite disturbing.

My buddy Nate came over around 11 and we went down to Guitar Center where a friend of mine who I never see is the manager. She and I met through the Black Crowes but the first time we actually met was in October 2000 in Fresno for a Pearl Jam concert. She’s a good connection for my friend Nate who plays guitar and bass and has spent plenty of cash in Orange County Guitar Centers over the years. Then the two of us went to a new Mexican restaurant called Jalapeno’s (there’s a tilde over the n but I was too lazy to find that letter) and had yet another carnitas burrito. Do you know what carnitas is? Probably not if you’re German…Basically, it’s pork shoulder that cooks in a salt water until it is shredded and extremely tender. You put that in a tortilla with pinto beans and guacamole and onions and you get close to something tastes perfectly every single bite. Yes, of course I’ll be eating Mexican food for lunch again, what are you crazy?

We were met at the restaurant by my oldest friend, Amy (we’ve known each other since we were 5) and her 10 month-old son Jake and Nate’s and my old college roommate Shavid with his fiance. The weather was so perfect that there was no weather and the 5 of us (maybe Jake too but I don’t think between throwing banana pieces and large pieces of musli he was too involved) had a classic conversation about everything from beer bongs to firemen humor (Shavid’s a fireman in Newport Beach, a good gig for sure!).

Afterwards, Shavid, Nate and I went down to the Irvine Spectrum, basically a large shopping/eating area without cars and cool Middle Eastern architecture, easily one of the coolest (and most expensive and superficial) areas close to my parents’ house. We went to the bookstore and I bought a Vanity Fair and a book about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s and Zelda’s marriage and was turned down for a drink by the chick who sold me the stuff and then the 3 of us went to the Yard House, a nice restaurant with over 100 beers on tap (vom Fass). I had a Paulaner Pilsner (I only see the Hefeweizen in Freiburg) and then a Belgian Blue Moon while we sat outside in the small patio and talked about our 3 relationships. I think we basically concluded that women are insane, we 3 are the well-adjusted ones in our relationships and all of the stuff you were taught by women on television about how to deal with women is complete bullshit. They are more like Jack Nicholson’s character’s description in “As Good As it Gets” when asked how he writes women so well:

“First I think of a man. Then I take away reason and accountability.”

That is easily one of the most classic movie quotes of the 90s, something Nate, Shavid and I know a lot about. We sometimes only talk in movie quotes and we reminisce about our time in college which was basically perfect (maybe 25% more chicks might have been better but I’m not complaining because it definitely could have been worse!) and how it’s hard to believe it’s over.

After that, I chilled at home a couple of hours and then my pops and I grilled two T-bone steaks with some corn and baked beans and watched the beginning of the Dodger game. I showered and Nate picked me up at 9pm so we could go see my friend’s (who works at Guitar Center) boyfriend play in a rock cover band in Newport Beach. It’s a dive bar in a ritzy area (think the TV show O.C) which a crazy mix of people, some in their mid-twenties who think they are better than they are (thinking specifically of about 3-4 chicks in the back), some alternative folk, some women in their late 30s/early 40s who probably have fared quite well in their divorces and now they’re barflies and also some men in their 50s who are now divorced and are willing to look stupid and dance if it will get them one of those women. And some beach bums by the bar.

They played Lenny Kravitz, Zeppelin and for us, the Black Crowes’ Remedy which was a treat. We had a good time chilling and watching them, they weren’t great but it was perfect for the mood of the place and for us.

They were done around 11.30 and I was home in bed around 12.30am.

That was yesterday, more or less a perfect prescription for what is ailing me. I wonder what today has in store…


One Response to Remedy

  1. Jeremy says:

    Man, I know what you mean about Mexican food. I have been living in Berlin for a little more than three years and every time I go back home to the US, no one can force me to eat anything else. I miss it so much over here. We do have some Mexican places but they are the really expensive kind and just aren’t the same.

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