August 31, 2007

A friend of mine is moving to Shanghai, China tomorrow. He’s a large, blond dude who loves Brian Urlacher. He’s engaged to an Australian girl. It’s a new chapter in his life. I know all about that excitement but of course the only and major different in our new chapters is that he chose his and I didn’t. But that’s okay, they’re new chapters anyway and we’re both going to try and make the most of them.

I also saw another friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile, a couple of months and now that there is no more smoking in bars so he has no more excuse about not coming to hang with us for football. I don’t go to O’Kellys Irish pub as much as I used to for various reasons. I think the prices keep going up, the menu gets smaller and the service gets worse. I got there, went to the bar and ordered a beer. I gave him a 10-euro bill and jokingly asked if I’d be getting any change. He said, “That’s a good way to get kicked out of here.” I told him, “Dude, there have been plentyof guys who have been kicked out of this place but come back the next day.” And he said something to the effect that that is not true. When did people get so sensitive? I caught a buzz tonight and asked the Spanish waitress in Spanish that I’ve known for probably 3 years if she still had a boyfriend. She said, “No, not anymore.” And I replied, “How is it possible to see you without clothing?” And she said, “It’s not.” And it made me laugh. I love knowing other languages.

I did meet a girl tonight but it was brief and of my own doing. She was sitting two tables from Rolf, Whitney, Erik and I. We were waxing poetic about world economies, history, philosophy and the future. I kept noticing her somehow, wearing a green tanktop and her two friends were wearing black (big surprise in Europe! hahah). I saw her laughing or smiling a couple of times and I thought, Jay, you gotta go talk to her. You have no reason now not to go over to that girl, introduce yourself and ask if she wants to go out sometime. I thought about it for about 20 minutes and when Whitney went out for a smoke, I left Rolf there and went over to their table.

(in German)
Can I disturb you girls for a sec? I asked.

Uh huh.

Yeah, well, I just wanted to meet you. I saw you smiling a couple of times and thought it was really cute. What’s your name?



I introduced myself to the other two girls so they wouldn’t think (it’s midnight at this moment while typing, I have an important private lesson in 11 hours) I was ignoring them. I asked where she was from.

Near Frankfurt, and you?


Oh, that must be cool.

It is.

(all 3 girls laugh)

I wanted to know if you’d be interested in going out sometime.


Well, I can give you my number and then it’s up to you.


What do you do in Freiburg?

I study.



And you don’t study English?


Because I’m a teacher at the university and it wouldn’t be cool to date girls who are students of mine.

(One girl rolls her eyes and I call her out on it.)

Hey, I saw that. I live with 2 girls, I know that look.

(all 3 girls laugh)

I asked to sit for 30 seconds to give her a better chance to know if she wanted to call me or not. I stayed about a minute and had pretty good timing to get out when I did. She has my number now and it’s her “beer”. It’s funny but I have to at least get myself out there. It shouldn’t be a problem, as a wise Japanese woman, Wanaka, wrote me on rice paper:

You meet many persons and you talk them into human being.

I’m listening to live Ryan Adams from a month ago and it’s perfect, meloncholy yet real. “True love aint’ that hard to find, not that you’ll ever know.” Ouch. hahahaha


Chick A

August 30, 2007

Chick A just left. We have hung out the last two days. She’s someone definitely worth knowing. You’ll remember that she was the girl that I “hung out” with just before I left Germany for the States at the end of July.

Yesterday we lunch together and then went and chilled out at my place, trying to make some sense of the chaos of my room and trying to get to know each other better. She seems to understand that I’m not in the right head space for a girlfriend but I can be a great, uncomplicated person to know. We definitely have some stuff in common but she’s shy, something I haven’t been in probably 25 years so it’s interesting how different we are as well.

Today she came over for dinner but first we had to go shopping for food. We decided to “pimp” spaghetti bolognese and put some green olives, onions, garlic and fresh peppers (long thin peppers with some punch to them). It was great just getting to hang out and talk and make food with someone. I can’t stress enough how much it has meant to me to have someone really cool (and sexy as hell to boot) to spend time with. I could potentially feel as alone as I’ve ever felt, what with living in a foreign country without what’s-her-face, far from home and yet here I am, hanging with a super cool chick. Tonight she definitely opened up some more, told more about her life growing up in Italy, about her siblings and stuff and while it might sound mundane to you, I am in a completely new position in life and I enjoyed having a totally normal conversation with a woman and it was sort of like we were on a date but there was no pressure. After dinner we went down to Walfisch for an espresso and a jaegermeister, the culmination of her german and italian roots I suppose, hahahaha.

There’s actually a lot more to tell about her but not all of it is appropriate since my mom and some of the family occasionally read this blog but don’t worry, this isn’t some dream and it really happened. She’s walking home now and I’m saying hi to her now. Hi.

Juliana, beautiful Ukranian girl extraordinaire

August 29, 2007

Zach, Me, Chris, KC

August 29, 2007

I like being single

August 29, 2007

Maybe single life ain’t so bad…

August 29, 2007

Me on the deck before leaving OC

August 29, 2007