The last full day for 4 weeks

So, my last full day in Germany for over a month began around 7.48am and was cemented by 8.02am when some dudes started jackhammering then. I was jogging by 9am and in the city by 10.30am. I dropped off one invoice worth 1000 dollars and another worth 100 dollars. I cut my photos so they could fit the holder I bought for them, had lunch with a friend and then went to Jos Fritz to let them know that someone is coming by to pick up the photos this week. Someone who works there bought two of them and I gave them a super sweet price but it was 70 bucks I wasn’t planning on having so that’s good. I used that money to buy my train ticket for 6.52am tomorrow to the Frankfurt airport. Then I went home.

I chilled for awhile but just didn’t feel right. I think I have somehow been under the weather a few days, was jogging in the chilly and sunny weather this morning and been sweating quite a bit today. I napped for about an hour or more, relaxed some and then went across town to pick up a nightstand from a student. One less thing to buy, right? Of course there was construction going on and so I had to walk the relatively awkward and heavy nightstand for 5 full minutes up a hill to get to the next tram stop and then when we got to my stop another 3 minutes and then up 4 flights of stairs and that had me sweating plenty good. I’m going out for dinner and drinks in a little bit and hopefully to be in bed by 11.30 because I’m getting up at 5.30am tomorrow.

I saw Assiyeah and two of her cousins today walking in the city as I was going to get the nightstand. It felt like I was dead watching her live her life without me, it was very surreal. I promise in September I’ll have better things to talk about, I hope.


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