Party lion

So you know in English we saw “party animal” but in German they are much more specific. You are a party lion. That was me the past two nights. Let’s talk about last night…

I went to dinner at Walfisch with a friend who also had just broken up with his girlfriend. I had what might be my last Schniposa for a month and I know the cook there and he hooked it up big time. We had a couple of beers and then a Jaegermeister and then we went over to Swamp where the Belgian band The Dump Brothers were playing. That was the band I saw at Augustiner Square on Friday night and it was cool to hang out with them again, have some drinks, catch a buzz and then they started playing and it was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted, what I needed. I danced my ass off for about 90 minutes to every single song and it made me think how ironic life is. I didn’t go out dancing with Assiyeah that often, it wasn’t really my scene but actually I really like dancing, but preferably to live music for example and she enjoys DJ music. The band had a great groove and I drank my beers, met some nice people and found myself still standing in the bar at 3.20am buying drinks for people. I paid in Swissfrancs and gave a big tip. I’m not sure if I still owe money there but you may have forgotten but I live in the building where Swamp is. I literally just had to go up the stairs and it was great. I slept until 12.15pm.

Friday out until 4.15am
Saturday out until 3.20am

I guess that’s enough to call me a party lion for now. I feel slow and I’m conflicted because the same band is playing again this afternoon and I don’t know if I can handle it, I wanna chill out all day and pack and organize some shit but we’ll see…


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