No, it’s definitely July

There still seems to be a lot of stress in life lately, not all of my own doing and hopefully will be better before I go to America for August but for now, I am more or less halfway through my highest earning day ever as an English teacher. It’s hard to believe but I could live from this one day’s wages for the entire month if that means paying for: rent, electricity, phone, internet, insurance, some food and my monthly transportation pass. That’s what I love about living here in Germany. I can sometimes make enough to live (albeit sparingly) for an entire month in one day. That was just never ever possible in California. So, for 9 hours of work today, I will pocket (though I won’t see most of it for another 6 weeks!) approximately 366euros which is 498 dollars with the current exchange rate. Think about that. Can you earn 500 bucks in one day? I certainly never EVER could in the States and maybe just for a few days I did when I was doing a bit of work for Bluetorch after it went bankrupt, getting paid 1500bucks for 4 days’ work but seriously, I am really happy about that.

I am happy about coming home for August but there’s a lot to do about then.

I am happy that next week will be the last time I will have to get up for work at 7am for approximately 3 months! Thank you god!

p.s. If any students are reading this, just forget about the numbers above. It’s only play money and not anything that I can spend because it is all needed to pay for the other bills I have! 🙂

p.s.s. A quick shoutout to Maya for coming to visit last weekend, we had a blast and it was really good seeing her, she still is my best friend in this part of the world and I’m looking forward to seeing her in October.

p.s.s.s. In exactly one month I’ll be seeing the Black Crowes in Portland, Maine.

p.s.s.s.s. In two months I’ll be on southern coast of Spain.

p.s.s.s.s.s. In five months I’ll be in Southern California again. Head down and push through!


2 Responses to No, it’s definitely July

  1. horsty says:

    Takk i lige måde!

  2. J says:

    I have to get up at 5:30am Tues, Wed and Thurs during the school year to teach a class out in the Westerwald at 7:30am (it’s a 45 minute drive), so I’m glad that the HR manager has decided that all 3 of those classes will be taking a summer break starting next week for 6 weeks.

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