Taxi home after 3am

That’s a sign of a good night, when you’re in a taxi sometime after 3am. We started enjoying the beautiful weather around 4pm, had a beer with whitney, then the three of us (including maya) went to jos fritz where the exhibition was, then o’kellys and then walked around and then back to jos fritz around the time most bars in america are calling last call. We spent another 90 minutes there at that point. I love Germany.

I had a great weekend with Maya, she’s one of those rare friends where it feels you never suffer from having spent time apart, meaning that we still totally understand each other really well and know how to get along for extended periods of time. I’m looking forward to seeing her place in England in October.

I am 2 weeks and 2 days from flying to the states.

I am less than 2 months from flying to spain.

I am less than 5 months from flying to california again.

There’s a lot of work to do but it’s so damn hot, I’m just chillin’ like a villain…


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