Is it March or July or October?

Goddamn it’s cold here, seriously, I cannot believe it! I had a scarf on today and it should be the hottest time of year, what is wrong ? Is it global warming? uh-huh…

It’s stress time up in this muthafucka, with the exhibition 2 nights away and still some planning to do. Maya, as I’ve said, is coming to visit. I was late to work today because of the train strike in Germany. Thank god someone from work picked me up and we had class only 30 minutes later when it could have been an hour later because of the train cancellations. I wonder what it would be like if the English teachers striked for “better wages” ….

Tomorrow I’m going to read an article with the lawyers I teach entitled: Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations. This article will document about the 4-5th time he has lied in front of senators and some of those times were under oath. Can you believe that dumb bastard is still the leading law enforcement officer in the United States? Somehow it’s fitting, I think he sums up exactly what is wrong with the law in the United States.

Things are so low now, in terms of the US position in the world that even if some jackass republican wins the election in 2008 (can anyone said voter fraud?), it’s going to seem so much better than Shrub aka Chimpeach aka Mr. 26%. And yet we cannot allow the next 18 months to run course with attempting to extricate him and Go F-yourself Cheney from office, if nothing else because the Constitution demands that we do. We have to at least try to impeach them. That will show backbone, something the American people respond to. Unfortunately the Republicans seems to have more backbone than the Democrats but also much less intelligence when it comes to the public good.

I made 425 dollars today. I’m exhausted.


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