Finally, the semester in Furtwangen is over! I have to grade the tests, give them their final grades and ship those up next week but I will not have to go there for 3 months! wooohooooo!

It was a great weekend with Lauren, we whooped it up like crazy, seeing live music 3 nights in a row, something that hasn’t happened since I’ve lived here so that should tell you something. It’s funny, she left her toothbrush, shampoos, toothpaste and who knows what else here. Our place is a magnet for stuff. Maya’s Swedish friend left her phone charger here, Corrie her pillow. Maya’s coming this weekend, I hope she leaves something great here!

The exhibition is in 3 days and I’m not ready for it. The weather is crap right now and I’m hoping, praying really, for good weather on Thursday. It could seriously be an epic night, with tons of people there and a real good vibe and cheap drinks and music and everything I hoped. Or it could rain and it’s a small affair but could still be fun. I’m looking forward in a way for it to be over but it should be a great time. I’ll be sure to put some photos up this weekend perhaps.


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