The end of the fourth

It’s 12.26am. I have to work in less than 10 hours. I got a 90-day extension to my work permit today. That’s a big deal. They tried to give me 30 days more and I successfully convinced this woman who had never met me in German to give me 90 days. It helped to have a judge from the tax court standing at my side, sort of off to the side to let me do my thing and then he spoke a couple of times and she could see that this story was bigger than her and so she left the room and came back to give me 90 days but of course I had to go down the hall to my normal case worker to get the extension. Thank god no one else in the hall of shame there was waiting for my case worker so I was in and out.

I now realize this new chick (only because the normal boss of my case worker is on holiday) had to ask someone else about giving me 90 days instead of 30 days. I am going to demand to speak with that person the next time I have to talk to my case worker’s boss. When she says that she herself is in fact the decision-maker in this case, I will tell her that I am relieved to hear that because over 15 months ago she told me, “Meiner Meinung nach, sollten Sie diese Verlaengerung bekommen.” “In my opinion, you should get the extension.” If she is the decision-maker AND she thinks that I should get the extension, that should bode quite well for me. More information I want.

Question: With which local politicians did these people at the Foreign Authorities talk to to find this new solution for me, with the back payment to the Social Security? I would like to meet those politicians and talk to them about how they have tried to help and how their hearts are in the right place but I need a new kind of help now, to try and get out of the new situation they inadvertantly put me into.

I am learning more English legalese thanks to the Libby case. thanks, bro.


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