Scoot free

I wish that if I broke the law that the president would commute my sentence. What the hell? The VP’s chief of staff is convicted of obstructing justice and perjury, major felonies, especially with regards to the outing of a CIA agent and the president lets him off the hook before he even enters a jail cell.

Here’s the left’s talking point at least until November 2008:

Paris Hilton did her time and the VP’s chief of staff gets off SCOOT Free even though his actions possibly gave the Iranians our nuclear intelligence regarding their country…for free. All in the name of silencing a critic of the war. I have a feeling this is the crux of the whole situation. We went to war in Iraq over what is now widely known as false premises. People know that the president purposely misled us with his now infamous 16 words in the 2003 SOTU address about the Iraqis having tried to buy uranium in Niger. Those were some of the most inflammtory words that should have never gotten into the most important annual speech the president of the united states, the most powerful man in the world. When that lied was carted out in front of the world, the intelligence regarding that little innocuous nugget had already been discredited, for more than 6 months.

It’s bad enough Valerie Plame was a covert CIA agent who was outed as if a pawn in some major power grab, but she worked in nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, the very thing that the government was most concerned in leading up to the invasion in March, 2003.

And now, after the VP and Rove were looking like they were going to be possibly indicted or involved in a serious, legal way, Scooter took the fall. Wow, how generous of him, only to have Bush keep him out of jail.

Tomorrow I have a lesson with the most expensive lawyers in town. I’m going to ask them if that doesn’t smack of something that Scooter now knows intimately: obstruction of justice.


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