We have a new branch of government!

June 23, 2007

Dick Cheney is his own branch of government now. I love learning new things about the US Government. He has avoided oversight of classified materials the past 4 years and has been using the argument that he is “not an entity of the executive branch”. That’s interesting.

He apparently used executive privilege to hide from the American people which energy executives he met with in 2001 to form the president’s energy policy. Now we see he’s not in the executive branch. I guess he’ll be telling us that information soon.

It feels like a joke because life is so good here in Germany but how can Dick Cheney wake up each morning and think that he is doing what’s best for the American people? I’m starting to be convinced that he is a psychopath. He probably started the job as a sociopath but especially since Sept 11, he has been at the forefront of advocating violence as a way of resolving our problems. Hell, he shot a buddy in the face early last year.

I hope I get to see the shit hit the fan. These old fat white guys may be running a statue of liberty play but they forget that we all have the internet now and can keep a much better eye on the ball than we could before. It’s just a matter now if we have enough guys on the D-line…


Chris Cannon

June 21, 2007

Another dude I would have never known about.

He’s a Congressman from Utah and he’s a jackass. He’s a partisan hack, only using the talking points (Clinton did it, pleasure of president, accusations have yet to…).

In the Goodling testimony last month, the dude started quoting an article about Murtha and his outburst on the floor.

Thanks, CSPAN

Paul McNulty

June 21, 2007

You think I ever gave a rat’s ass who that guy is? Not until January, when I first heard about the US Attorneys being fired en masse in attempts to what:

1)prevent investigation of Republicans
2)bring fraudulent voter fraud cases against Democrats
3)cover up fraudulent Republican voter fraud
4)bring fraudulent cases against Democratic presidential candidates for the 2008 election

Can you believe some people think that nothing improper has been committed? Who put the names on the list? Why? If that can’t be answered, we have a breakdown of justice. Our justice department has been compromised. We are no longer a first world country.

I doubt —

Some women protesters have just been removed from the hearing room. They are from Code Pink.

I doubt that McNulty is going to drop any bombshells but how’s he going to answer the people who said he didn’t tell the truth? He’s going to disagree and not know about other people. And there was a paper that cut him out of the loop. He’s not part of the problem in my opinion but maybe he’ll say something about someone else. The White House is involved. The fact that millions are emails are missing, some are not being turned over, the president is claiming executive privilege what two of his aids are writing back and forth, it stinks. I just don’t think it’s from his mouth. Meirs, Rove, Taylor, Sampson, Goodling, Gonzales. The first 3 are from the White House…

hot and humid

June 20, 2007

yesterday was a 3-shirt day. Today was only two but still, man I’m exhausted, going to bed at 1:10am and getting up at 7am and being woken up by a thunderstorm at 3:30am and again just before 6. Insane…But I did my job, made it to all my classes, I picked up some of the photos and they fucked ’em up, making some glossy when I wanted matte and having some dirt or something on some of the enlargements so I had to return them. Some of the photos are for the exhibition at my folks’ and the one in New York City I’m working on.

Listening to Howard Stern goofing on Hillary Clinton’s new campaign song…life is good.

Naked chick at fashion show at 3am

June 17, 2007


June 16, 2007

Well, I’ve avoided it as much as possible and now it’s time to put on the jogging shorts and jog next to the small river here in town for about 35 minutes. I hate every second of it but if I want to drink those beers tonight, you gotta do something to counteract it, ya know?

I bought approximately 7 people drinks last night at my local bar, Walfisch. The work week was over, I was happy about it and was in a generous mood because I had just gotten paid a couple of days earlier. It’s dangerous when Jaegermeister is a euro/shot!

Going to a big fashion show tonight, something I’ve never done but with 20 up and coming designers and some djs. I’ve been invited, i.e., VIP-listed, because I’m a teacher at one of the schools where the organizers study. I’m looking forward to it and also to pass out some fliers for my photo exhibition and fashion show which is coming up in a couple of months.

Name at least one signer on the Declaration of Independence

June 14, 2007

That’s the question on the Howard Stern show to some uninformed attractive young woman and while they pause the tape where her answer is recorded, they are betting on whether she will know it or not. It makes 3-4 minutes of fantastic talk while they try and figure it out. They are betting that she will or no, will not know. She can do it. Never John Adams. She might say Benjamin Franklin. She’s not saying that one. Is she that out of it? Yeah, I guess. I don’t want to lose. I’m not gonna bet this time. I’m going to go out on a limb, now robin bet both howard and artie, and she said….

Abraham Lincoln.

That made my day. There’s no reason to talk about the rest of the stuff, except…

1)My last class of the day was in a beer garden on a small lake with two students.
2)I had to tell approxmately 45 students in 3 uni classes today that I may or may not be allowed to work until the end of the semester. I would work for free the rest of the semester so everyone can get their official grades for the class. Wait, I think I should write my boss.