You can’t trust men from Ghana

Or so says one of the girls helping me with my photo exhibition, it was classic! It’s somehow ingrained in them to cheat and to declare their professional life as something like “I’m doing business.” without ever clarifying. I’m sure we got those dudes in America too, right?

George Bush is in this country right now. It’s hard to believe but it’s something that is so important to so many and so unimportant to even those who say they care. I’m probably pretty firmly set in the second category.

Sitting at home last night at 10.30pm, not wanting to stay home the whole night, I rode my bike the 5-6 minutes into town, stopping at the gas station on the way and buying two large bottles of beer. I sat at the Augustiner Square on the steps by myself for maybe 20 minutes or so and then a dude who is helping me with the exhibition (there are about 7 people helping total, fyi) came by with a student of mine, they had a beer and then, because of their dire need of cigarettes, they befriended the dude who had been sitting next to me and up one or two steps probably the whole time I had been there. He was alone too. It turns out that he is an art student in Freiburg, from Stuttgart and might make a sculpture representing South America for the event. He then started telling us a story about his round the world trip to learn how to surf and was in Brazil, Mexico, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia and then to Bali where he got arrested for having a little bit of hash and was bribed by the police to pay 3000US but then he called home and his dad got the german FBI to contact the Indonesian official. The German guy was stationed in Bangkok was responsible that part of the world or something. The real Indoesian police came and arressted the 3 guys who had been bribing them but then they were taken to real jail and were deprived of sleep while the policemen would occasionally go into the next room and beat some of the prisoners in the drunktank they had. The “real” Indonesian police wanted 6000US to make this all go away. He wanted a lawyer. The embassy gave him a list of lawyers and he asked which was the best. The woman said she wasn’t allowed to state preferences while pointing at a specific name on the list. The dude calls the number, the lawyer comes and hugs the Bali police chief, they go out for drinks and food and come back with the number 5000US. It was somehow paid but the last two months of his round the world trip was cut off because he’d run out of funds.

There was also a girl on the steps who celebrated her birthday and we sang happy birthday for her. Her friend was juggling little chocolates and was pretty good at it. I then rode my bike home and then went over to good ole Walfisch, the bar around the corner. It was 2am at that point and I ordered another beer, what may seem like many but was really my 4th of the night. There were still 18-20 people in the bar, and the dj was from Bolivia so maybe he’ll dj the photo exhibition next month. I passed out some invitations as well and think that these vistaprint business cards were the best way to go to give people an invitation to the event, better than a poster on a wall by some bars, ya know?

It was just raining pretty hard, about 15 minutes ago but the humidity has passed and maybe it’s finished for the day, who knows?

I have a private lesson from 11am to 2pm tomorrow, with that important German businessman. It’s a tough 3 hours because there are no breaks but most of the time is taken up with talking and some grammar. He keeps me on my feet and tells me some pretty interesting stuff about his work on the board of directors for Germany’s oldest private bank.

I haven’t worked since Wednesday at 2pm. I was really lucky that the week after my vacation was a short one but things are going to be getting busy starting Monday. I also just got about 55 tests in the mail to grade. I’m not looking forward to that. Another dude helping me with the exhibition is printing the shirts in Berlin next weekend. I saw him today on my way home from the city and he said he had just bought plane tickets to go to Barcelona. He would have to leave for Frankfurt in 2 or 3 hours. They were last minute offer for 40euros roundtrip, probably because there were many leftovers on certain flights and he just chose a cheap one and is now going there for 5 days.

I guess that’s enough for now. I’ll try and make some more interesting stuff happen this weekend.


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