The University

June 28, 2007

If I won the lottery, I would still work at the University. That is serious. I am from a part of the world that knows all about FU money. At what point do you have enough money that you can quit your job and symbolically say Fuck You to anyone in your life who hassles you for no reason. They got nothing to do with you anymore. It’s a wispy dream TV show editors talk about over cups of coffee in between cutting 3 minutes segments. How much you need? My number is probably already on this blog but still, I would work at the University. Why?

*I have 3 classes on Thursdays, 10:15-11:45, 12:15-1:45, 2:15-3:45, something that is a dream for an English teacher, (except I wish the breaks were shorter), it’s in the middle of town.

*I have 12, 21, and 23 students in the 3 classes, not a bad size for a university group.

*The students are 20-25 years old, well-travelled, open-minded with the innocence of not having gotten up at 7am in the morning for a year straight.

*Very interesting topics are discussed openly. Today’s topics were: 9/11 conspiracies (students’ idea), Media, Surveillance, and Education as 3 20-minute presentations together, and in the last group we read a blog entry from from Bruce Fein, Reagan’s deputy attorney general, making a clear case for the immediate impeachment of Dick Cheney.

*We had a make-up class in this afternoon because there were two holidays onThursday in May. We watched one episode of My Name is Earl and then we watched Thank You for Smoking.

*I earned enough money today to pay for my whole month’s basic expenses.

*I often see students around town and invariably we are both Saturday nighting, maybe even have a shot together.

Are those enough reasons?

— listening to Howard Stern internet radio.

–trying to read my news blogs for today’s info

–wanted to go running at 7pm but was so happy to be home after a long day and wanted to chill a bit.

–going down to the market 30 seconds away to buy some dinner before watching a German style “Popstars” contest show.

–have to be out the door by 8.40am tomorrow.

–gotta work Saturday 11am-2pm

–saw 3 examples of my t-shirts for the fashion show which is in two weeks

–i am yawning.


Flashback: One Year ago or so… Germany v. Sweden

June 28, 2007

Would you get a colonic on a first date?

June 27, 2007

Welcome to MTV’s “Next”. Some dumb bitch had her date get a colonic and then they went to have tea. He had the chance to have 118 dollars or go on a second date with the girl. He took the money.

Another new job

June 26, 2007

That’s how easy it is, sometimes…I am teaching one class at a language school of the University and they asked me to teach a two-day-a-weeker, not my favorite but no problem. It also means working until 7:30pm on Thursdays but that’s okay, it keeps me out of trouble.

I’m pooped, having started my day at 6.38am and now it’s 10.57pm. We went to dinner for our roommate’s birthday and now just had some homemade tiramasu by Assiyeah and Caro, yummy!

Tomorrow’s another long day, 8am to 12:30pm and then 6-9pm. I know that break in the middle is nice but really I get home at 1pm and have to leave at 5pm so that already eats into it. If the weather is all right, I might go for a jog then but we’ll see. I have to clean up my desk and prepare some more stuff for the exhibition. I’m hoping to hear from a place in New York about doing an exhibition there in August, in fact, I think I’ll call them now…


Gregg quit!

June 25, 2007

A friend of mine resigned from one of his jobs for the next semester. I am so jealous! I’m so stupid, I wanted to quit this job for awhile but have just been sort of floating by. I will teach one, at most two more semesters and then I’ll be done with it too. I have said for awhile now, more than a year, that my soul dies slowly and surely every moment I’m there. I’m happy that Gregg’s time on the beach in Turkey helped me clarify his objectives but I think also for me there are a couple of important factors:

1)I might have to pay back a lot of money to German Social Security so I need the money.
2)Studentenwerk, one of my jobs, might not happen again next semester
3)I quit the VHS- Emmendingen already for next semester
4)I don’t know if my new company work at Ecomal will happen next semester

Those are some big factors. I could live with far less money but it’s really nice having extra each month so when I “waste” 100euros last weekend, it’s not the end of the world, ya know?

We’ll see what happens. I hate teaching there, it’s my least favorite job but as a self-employed traveloholic…

An email to some student

June 24, 2007

Some 17-year old sent an email to about 30 English teachers complaining about points taken off of a test he had taken. He could understand how these were points and his feathers were up in a huff. I responded with a little of my breakdown in the sentences in question and then he wrote back wanting specific citations for why this was the way it was. Here was my response to him (in English of course, even though he’s complaining in German about how good his English grade is):

How much does all of this change your grade? Life is too short sometimes, ya know? I’m sure you could do your own research if you want to know the answer to that. You want specific reasons for nuances of language and I don’t have the time to find an explanation that will satisfy you. I could see why you thought you should have gotten more points but I also agree with some of the points taken off. Das ist halt so, verstesh?

And learning something by heart (auswendig) doesn’t apply knowledge, only memory. I should take off more points for that! 🙂

Enjoy the weather

Scottish drinking song I learned friday night

June 24, 2007

I want my hole
I want my hole
I want my holidays

To see the cunt
To see the cunt
To see the country

Fuck you
Fuck you
For curiosity

I want my hole
I want my hole
I want my holidays.

It’s better when you’re drinking and there is a slight sway to you on the bar stool.