Herceg Novi

I am in a new town now, Herceg Novi, about 20 minutes south of the border of Croatia. Earlier today I went to a traditional house building party. This is the day when the roof or second story is started, thereby allowing the people to live in it if they so wish (because they have a roof over their head). There was a table set for 15 with long planks of wood and the workers eating up a storm, lamb, cold cuts, salad, olives, bread, local pastry, beer, scotch and local moonshine. I shit you not. It was all fantastic but the moonshine (a form of Raki, a popular drink in Turkey and Greece) could make your throat ready to take control of future imbibing. It was intense. The last couple of days have been a bit lazy but still interesting. I stopped being a tourist in some respects and was living/hanging out as Montenegrins did. Yesterday we planted flowers at my host’s new building site.

Now my new host is working at his jewelry store and probably we will go for drinks after he gets off work. I leave Sunday morning and hopefully will be home for dinner. I’m starting to get the end of vacation feeling where you start to want to get back to what you know, your bed, your toilet, your fridge, your language (or in this case my adopted language).

I’m reading an amazing book that my friend Kristian gave me for my birthday. It’s about a blind guy in the 1820s who became the world’s greatest traveller. It’s improbable but well-written and I am really engrossed in it. I picked up some sea glass today and have gone through bouts of rain and sunshine so much I don’t know what’s what! hahaha



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