Monty Neggry

I had the exhibition last night, went from 7pm to 1am, i was interviewed by the national newspaper and there were people from 6 different countries, spoke different languages with some impromptu music in the charming little square where the pictures were glued with wax onto old stone walls. Today I drove to the middle of the country with my host, about a 2 hour drive. Our goal was to retrieve his drivers license which had been taken from him a month or two earlier because of a traffic violation. We were stopped by a policeman just before entering a 4km tunnel. He was driving without a license. Fuck, he said while the window was still up. I thought we were in trouble. It turns out to be the same policeman who took his license away a while back! Vlatko gets out of the car and is gone more than 5 minutes. I dont have my passport with me, its in the room back at his place.

He gets back in the car and says that the policeman forgave him and he can continue driving. Apparently the dude called the chief of police who knew he was going to the capital, Podgorica, and the policeman learned that Vlatko was in fact on his way to get his license so somehow all was forgiven.

The capital itself was unimpressive save the other couchsurfers that I met again (Boris, Yelena). We had pizza, escaped from the rain and had a coffee down by the river in an alternative setting. It was under a small concrete bridge that was mostly painted up with strange simple paintings. Some of you will be getting postcards from there.

All right, now I just had a turkish coffee at 12.15am on monday night with my Montenegrin host and two other couchsurfers from Belarus.

p.s. Maya, I spoke Norwegian to 3 adults from Aalesund, they actually complimented me on my Norwegian after about 10 minutes, just after I said samme faen for meg! hahahah


2 Responses to Monty Neggry

  1. Yankee Doodle says:

    That’s pretty funny about the policeman stopping your host and it being the same cop.

  2. horsty says:

    Hahaha, yeah, samma for meg is one for all occasions!
    And yeah, funna about the polceman. And the whole police force knowing that this one specific guy was on his way to the capitol. Sounds like Norway, hahaha

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