It’s getting "closer" all the time (sung as beatles)

Just finished my Saturday private lesson, a relatively important businessman here in SW Germany, making decisions about other people’s million-dollar salaries. I’m fascinated at the stuff we get talking about, important decisions that are left undecided and so from 7 people another smaller committee of 3 has been elected to decide how they will decide who the moderator is going to be. I think this guy would very much like to be the moderator, even has said that he actually should be (more from duty in terms of stature among the men rather than obligation) but he doesn’t completely trust his English.

Which is a shame of course, because he can speak English quite well and is able to expoud on relatively complex topics and never has any problems with the high language grammar stuff. We talked about him hunting. He just got his hunting license 3 weeks ago and has already been 7 times but of course has yet to shoot anything but he has seen a few deer. I think he’ll give me some of the meat when he does end up getting one.

It amazes me the people I know in this area. It also amazes me the people who know me in this area. I was at a party of a friend of ours last night but most of the people at the party were students and probably a few of them knew who I was but had never met me. One even tried to snap a shot or two of me and Assiyeah while we were dancing in one of the rooms. There were a few more people in the room dancing but we were getting down fo show, ya know? Anyway, I just felt it was silly, I try not to think of my “status” here because I also believe in this German idea of “I’m off work”. And I think most could buy into that but I do remember being in college and having it be funny that one of the teachers from the university was at a bar we were at and dancing badly with someone but I’m pretty sure I didn’t look that lame.

At least I hope not.

But don’t worry, I grew up in So Cal. I just throw ma hands in da air, and pahdy like I chess doan kehr. I know what’s up, don’t worry ya’ll…

But I think I might go to fewer parties like that in the future. Part of my livliehood is based on my reputation I suppose, but I guess I don’t care what anyone thinks, except for the people who could fire me at any time but unfortunately those are the very people that the students who saw me would tell. And that’s why I have to care a bit, but just a bit.

I’m going into the city to buy some B/W film and some new headphones for the trip to Montenegro.

I’m going to Frankfurt tomorrow to go to an NFL Europe game. We’re taking the Schoenes Weekend special group ticket with a couple of cases of beer, a football, frisbee and food and see what happens. I’ll fill ya in, aiight?


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