Today is my nana’s birthday. She’s not with us anymore, she passed away late last year. I talked to her on the phone the day before she died. It’s difficult to imagine how much something as singular and sort of freakish as that is, how important that is to one’s grieving. She was in the hospital at the time but it was completely unknown at the time that she was so close to death. She was having an operation but was fine at the time. We talked for 5 minutes and we both acknowledged how cool it was that I was calling from Germany and all that jazz. I wished her well, told her that I would see her in 6 weeks for Xmas and that was it.

So it goes.

But it’s more than that of course. Today she would have been 84. I don’t think she finished junior high and she got to see that I graduated college and am living a full and interesting life. It must be one of the most satisfying experiences in life to see your kin getting a chance to live a good life. Most likely 5 billion of the 6+ billion people on earth have relatively horrible lives in terms of standard of living and opportunity.

But I digress. It’s a holiday in Germany, Christi Himmelfahrt aka Ascension. Don’t worry, I didn’t expect you to know that either. It’s cool though, because in German it translates to “heaven drive”. Sounds good, eh?

My birthday’s in a week. At 9.58pm on my birthday, I’ll be on a train to Munich and then fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia. You should do a quick google for dubrovnik and photos and you’ll get an idea of just how amazing the area looks, and then I got a week in Montenegro. Man, I can’t wait!


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