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hey all,
had my american newspapers class today and they had to read 4 different articles about the US Attorney Purge and then we discussed it and why it is such a big deal and how the MSM is not covering it as much EVEN THOUGH there are 4 articles about it in “major” newspapers. I gave them for homework the revelation from a couple days ago, the Mar 20, 2007 editorial from the dude in the W district of Pennsylvania saying the Buchanan chick should resign. And that she appears to have been asked which USAs to fire.
The students are bored of the topic after one class. Or rather, it’s too complex for them to undertand. One thought it was idealistic of me to expect my government to actually uphold the Constitution and I told her we had to believe that some public servants do a fantastic job in this world but that’s not what we’re talking about.
1)They were confused to learn that the President could appoint the USAs based on their political party (and experience) and that of course all of them were from the same party. I had to tell them that in theory (i.e. 200 years), the pure idea of respecting the Constitution and following the law to the letter was their job thereafter, regardless of political party. Should that part of our system be changed?
2)They didn’t understand why Bush wouldn’t fire Gonzales. I tried to explain that have to confirm another AG in these times is going to insure someone who HAS to be honest, not to mention digging up the past 6 years like turning over soil so you can plant some new veggies in the Fall. Embarassing questions about the AG’s role and how it is now, with Democrat-controlled government, all that.
3)The idea that the other 85 (Buchanan, et al) USAs who didn’t lose their jobs might have done something to NOT get fired. It’s unfortunate that this sort of doubt has to be raised but it has to be raised. We need to review the past 18 months of all USAs and current case load to find out who is doing their job and who’s not. I wish we didn’t have to spend tax-payer money to do this but it’s the best way to spend the money.
I gotta go grocery shopping but I’m hanging on to every word from this site and a few others. I think this is the biggest story happening within the United States even though I don’t live there anymore and it’s barely a ripple on the surface. Everyone’s “too busy” to really find out what’s going on but this stuff’s been going on for a long time, it’s just more out in the open and “don’t give a rat’s ass if you see it or not” and stall.
At least I’m trying from my end to educate the peeps!


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