And just like that…

August is booked. It had been the first time in a few years when the summer break wasn’t already accounted for early on in the year. But this time I made it all the way into mid-April before I blocked out a larged portion of the time during the summer equinox.

Here it is:

July 31 Frankfurt to Orange County 2 stops
Aug 16 San Diego to Manchester, NH red-eye 1 stop
Aug 28 NYC to Frankfurt overnight

It will be my first time to see Portland, Boston, New York and Philly in what will be two years. I’m so stoked to go back. It’s a bit rushed with 11 nights for the 4 places but I get to see the Black Crowes for the first time in what will be 18 months.

I’m at a moment of heavy relaxation, watching the Simpsons with Maya and drinking a beer. I just worked the last 6 days. My folks flew home today and I am so happy, we had an amazing time, more or less perfect. We saw some great places, ate some great food, had great weather, and I have tomorrow to go jogging, write a test for one of my universities, grade some tests and prepare for next week. I’ve got a lot to do but I cannot believe I will be all of August in the States, I can’t wait to visit and see a bunch of old friends…carry on.


One Response to And just like that…

  1. jadz says:

    hi there!

    i’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Nice one. ‘tripped upon it after using the blogspot search engine.

    ‘hoping to get to freiburg this August if everything goes smoothly with my DAAD scholarship application.

    Since you’re into photography, you may want to check out my online gallery at


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