Wuh chu tokkin bout foo?

i wanted to write some silly stuff and pull an April Fool’s on some of my readers, all 3 of them but figured it would take them too long to come here and find out so I’m gonna hold off.

There’s a Canadian guy whose been working on a 6-month UN spatial planning project in Mostar, Bosnia Herzogovina. That just happens to be a city that came into my life on Friday, around 3:50pm when I bought a return ticket from Dubrovnik to Muenchen for June 3rd, a Sunday. That meant that, instead of travelling from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo or Belgrade or Thessaonliki I would return fly out of the same city that I’m flying to on May 25. After buying the ticket I knew that I would I would make some kind of loop for the 9 days. Here’s how it looks as a concept now:

may 25/26/27 Montenegro
May 28/29/30 Sarajevo, Bostnia
May 31 Mostar, Bosnia
June 1/2 Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s all a brand new area for me, I’m really interested in the history and culture of the Balkans, caught between the fanatiscism of Islam and Christianity for two thousand years. It’s encouraging me to learn new things about new places so I can actually talk to the people I meet about their history, about their culture, to learn while I’m there. That’s actually a major aspect of my travelling, but I don’t usually think of it that way, that I learn when I travel.

That would be an April Fool’s joke, telling the German IRS that travelling should be a write off because I learn things that I can talk about in my English classes….april fool’s


3 Responses to Wuh chu tokkin bout foo?

  1. J says:

    Make sure you spend two full days in Dubrovnik. Do the wall walk at a strolling pace too (but take plenty of water if it’s sunny and hot).

    Dubrovnik is one of my fav cities in the world.

  2. elizabethbriel says:

    Hey just clicked on your blog from the Thorntree.

    Funny, I lived in Strasbourg around 8 years ago, kinda-sorta on the other side of the Black Forest. Or rather on one of the other sides?!

    Had a german guy in my class from Freiburg, that’s about all I know of the place.

    Happy teaching from Elizabeth in Hong Kong.

  3. elizabethbriel says:

    oh – Dubrovnik does rock. One of my favorite European cities. Hvar’s nice, too.

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