yo yo yo

yo, I’m exhausted yo. This is the end of day five of working seven days in a row. Don’t feel bad for me but they include today and tomorrow which is taking 90 minutes worth of train/walk to and from work and two 3-hour classes, that was intense.

Gotta get up at 8am tomorrow, be on a train by 9.15am. I’m going to grade the rest of the term papers from one school and try and find out about my new health insurance going through or not and working on my taxes, the expenses. That’s always tough because it’s getting down to the nitty gritty. haha

A big German tv show is coming to Freiburg for Saturday night. Each time the show is on, in a different city each time), there is a city bet. And the host tries to make some bet to see if a city can get a bunch of people in one place and do some stupid thing and well, it’s better than I just described it I guess. Anyway, we were part of the city bet last time, going over the to soccer stadium with like 10,000 other people, pretty cool, or rather cold.


3 Responses to yo yo yo

  1. May Cathrin says:

    Going over to the soccer stadium to do what?

  2. Jason says:

    we had to fill up the SC Freiburg stadium with fans even though there was no game.

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