I’m home and chilling by 4.52pm, oh yeah…it wasn’t an overly stringent day of work but still, with the weather and overall “dampness” of the experience, it is great weather to be home and chill while it’s gray and unforgiving outside.

I’m listening to Maxwell’s “Now”, a great album but I was surprised to find that I didn’t have “Embryo”, the album before that. That’s an album…

I had a bill from St. Paddy’s day that I didn’t pay. It said 16 shots of “irish kiss”. I paid for 8 of them and said the other 8 were not ordered by me, knowing that we both had a damn good idea who ordered them: the soldiers from Sat night! Thank god they were only 1.50/shot. The irony of money and such is that I had just finished a one-hour private lesson for 20euro and then immediately gave 12 of that away and just before the class started, I had a 20-minute conversation on my phone for about 8euro. 20euro, easy come, easy go.


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