Monday monday

Life is good, I don’t have to work today, and it was snowing when I woke up at 9am. My buddy Erik is going to study in Shanghai, China in September and should be there for at least a year. I got it in my head that damn, I would really like to visit him while he’s there. I’ve never been totally interested in Asia, at least not in the I’m going to buy plane tickets now type sense but what a great reason to go there. My best (only) chance is late Feb 2008, roughly the same time frame that we just spent in Turkey, maybe 17 days or so, give or take a couple. I could even get the VHS in Emmendingen to start my schedule a week later that could get me those couple of days. Like going to Europe for the first time, any extra day would be worth much more than having it at home, ya know? Maybe like Feb 14 to March 8…that would be sweet. I’m also thinking that I’m going to look for a 4-5 day layover in a place like Bangkok or Dubai or Kuala Lumpur. I’m outta control, already trying to scheme for a 20-day trip to China for 11 months away but hey, I’m 32 years old now, I gotta think a bit ahead and plan.

My left foot feels warm, the sun has actually come out. I’m listening to Howard Stern from May 2004, post Janet Jackson with the Kerry/Bush election starting up and Robin just said: And the media is the biggest pussy of them all.

The fashion show is coming together slowly, that is the current version of the flyer we’re working on. The shirts will mostly be black with that floating butterfly pattern in diferent bright and earth colors. Pretty cool, eh?
I gotta work down in Loerrach Tuesday and Friday and have pretty full days Wednesday and Thursday and have another private lesson with that German businessman on Sunday. Germany is playing Czech Republic on Saturday night, and my folks will be here in 2.5 weeks, and then I got 10 days off. Head down and push through!

One Response to Monday monday

  1. horsty the bee says:

    Eew, Jason. That really grosses me out. Du vet hva jeg mener. Seriously, big time grossness.

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