4 years

Tomorrow will be officially 4 years that I am a resident of Freiburg, Germany. It is also the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. I have lived here since the moment that happened. I’ve moved numerous thousands of miles closer to “the shit” but my life has increased exponentially here, probably something about getting close to the heat, ahha.

I had a private student here yesterday for 3 hours. We talked about his recent trip to Uruguay, where he lived 15 years ago, and about a private bank in Hamburg that he is on the board of directors and will be meeting with another 4-5 guys in Hamburg next week, flying to/from Stuttgart for the day. They are from US, England, France and Denmark. He needs his English, he says but he is already relatively proficient. 3 hours were over and he gave me 100euro. I’m going to see him the next two weekends and that will be my money for the Berlin trip next month. I might be able to meet him 3 times between Apr 21 and May 24 and that would pay for most of my Montenegro trip…sweet!

American Pie in German just started on TV.


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