Gettin shit done…

Up just before 9am, checked emails and to see whatever scandals could have been rustled up in the 9 hours since I’d gone to bed, then had some breakfast and scooted off into the city to take of some of that aforementioned shit I had to be gettin done, ya know?

I rode my bike to one company to sign some sheet, went to one bank to withdraw money and went across the street to open a new bank account. I then rode my bike about 7 minutes to the German Social Security office and dropped off those dastardly papers they wanted then over to another of my jobs to print out the tax forms and also a homework assignment I made for my Business English class. I met Assiyeah for lunch with some of her friends and then went to two different mobile phone stores to discuss getting a new phone because my 2-year contract is expiring soon. Of course it was confusing and I didn’t have all the information I needed so I’ll have to go back again, that’s fun. I came home and filled in my taxes, crossed my fingers and sealed up the envelope. Please, Mr. Tax Man, be nice to me. I’ve had a lot of stress with government offices the past year so go easy on me, plleeeeeassseee! 🙂

Now I’m chilling, gonna do a little work out, organize some more papers and clean off my desk and then enjoy the evening…


2 Responses to Gettin shit done…

  1. yaono2 says:

    nice to see you.I have add you to my e-friends links.

  2. hell.yes. says:

    I feel with you. I worked for all day, during my lunch break I went to the dentist (thank God she had mercy…), now I’m going groceries shopping so my boyfriend has something to eat when he gets home from work. 🙂
    btw – nice photos. I see you enjoyed your trip!

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