yo yo yo

March 29, 2007

yo, I’m exhausted yo. This is the end of day five of working seven days in a row. Don’t feel bad for me but they include today and tomorrow which is taking 90 minutes worth of train/walk to and from work and two 3-hour classes, that was intense.

Gotta get up at 8am tomorrow, be on a train by 9.15am. I’m going to grade the rest of the term papers from one school and try and find out about my new health insurance going through or not and working on my taxes, the expenses. That’s always tough because it’s getting down to the nitty gritty. haha

A big German tv show is coming to Freiburg for Saturday night. Each time the show is on, in a different city each time), there is a city bet. And the host tries to make some bet to see if a city can get a bunch of people in one place and do some stupid thing and well, it’s better than I just described it I guess. Anyway, we were part of the city bet last time, going over the to soccer stadium with like 10,000 other people, pretty cool, or rather cold.



March 27, 2007

Page 584 of HW Brands “The First American: the Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin” on treatment of prisoners during the Revolutionary War:

The Parliamentary opposition to the North ministry seized on the suspension of habeas corpus, as it related to American prisoners, and attacked the government for hypocritically undermining essential English institutions in the name of defending them. English prisons were a scandal in the best of times, and though conditions there pri cked few consciences regarding regular felons, the harsh treatment accorded the Americans elicited letters to eidtors and other forms of low-grade protest.
That was in 1779.
We’ve come so far.

day 2 of 7

March 26, 2007

I am at the beginning of working 7 days in a row, something that has happened maybe once or twice in 4 years. Of course there are private lessons at the beginning and end of this stretch but still, gotta work 7 days in a row, ouch!

I also thought I had about 600euros coming my way from one of the schools where I work but actually they had given it me already before Xmas, woops!

I need to send more information into the tax office, to better explain my income and write-offs, yeah!

I’m waiting to hear from the German Social Security to hear what kind of back payment they are going to ask from me, oy vey!

It’s Monday.

Different Americans

March 24, 2007

Last night I went to O’Kellys have a beer by myself. Friday night, 8.45pm, reading my Ben Franklin biography and then a student of mine from the university comes around the bar, drunk and popping off. I’m gently verbally accosted him and his buddy right back at ’em. They weren’t ready for my witty riposte and so they told me to join their table. “Their table” ended up being two tables, one with them two and two chicks and the other table with 3 guys and the “Professor”. He was at Harvard or something. The students were all from CC – Colorado College – and they were studying in a place not far from Hamburg. I talked to them about the politicization of the justice system and how how we should appreciate the difference in how drunk we were. I had another beer. One of the girls went to pee and didn’t come back for awhile so the other girl went to look on her. The dude who liked that second chick went to check on her 10 minutes later. The group left about 15 minutes after that and then I went and had something to eat and then went by a friend’s house on the way home. I slept okay. It’s gray and cold today, the grocery store accidentally charged me for 23 limes when I only bought 3. On a good day, I might have just taken 20 more limes but this time I took the cash.

I think I am so lucky to live in this era. I wanted to ask the professor from Harvard if he had seen Britney Spears’ vagina ( http://bp3.blogger.com/_VxK48DWO300/RXli44X18aI/AAAAAAAAAA8/15PQMtxjPuo/s320/20061128-britneyvadge13.jpg if you are out of touch) but the girl sitting at the table with him said it probably wasn’t a good idea. But here’s my point, it is a conversation topic, no matter how short. We live in an age of pop culture, fullblown internet exposure in all timezones simultaneously and if we can discuss the untoward behaviour of government officials, we can discuss the decine in Ms. Spears’ standing on this revolving stage, but as she fades away until sometime 2+ years from now, it culminated in seeing her vagina. It was the modern day version of someone “doing playboy”. She got playboyed. And it’s up for anyone’s consumption at any time. This is the thing that has taken media to another level that actually has made it something you can dip into, instead of being inundated by “Their” carefully controlled exposure. I’m able to take what I want of it instead of having to take what they give me. I can decide. I’m the decider. I think I finally understand why Time magazine said that “YOU” were Time’s Man of the Year. George Bush, the leader of the “free” world, said he was the decider. Now I am.

the US Attorney scandal currently

March 23, 2007

By not issuing the subpoenas now, the Democratic Chairs are keeping their options open and can define the scope of the subpoenas once they’ve built a stronger record. That leaves the WH and Snow just twisting in the wind as the Committees fill in the 18-day gap.

I took the above quote from www.firedoglake.com , which I have started reading the past couple of weeks. There is amazing analysis of what is going on in this case and others and it’s interesting to see how blogs are becoming just as important as newspapers and I think that one day they will serve slightly different functions…


March 22, 2007

I’m home and chilling by 4.52pm, oh yeah…it wasn’t an overly stringent day of work but still, with the weather and overall “dampness” of the experience, it is great weather to be home and chill while it’s gray and unforgiving outside.

I’m listening to Maxwell’s “Now”, a great album but I was surprised to find that I didn’t have “Embryo”, the album before that. That’s an album…

I had a bill from St. Paddy’s day that I didn’t pay. It said 16 shots of “irish kiss”. I paid for 8 of them and said the other 8 were not ordered by me, knowing that we both had a damn good idea who ordered them: the soldiers from Sat night! Thank god they were only 1.50/shot. The irony of money and such is that I had just finished a one-hour private lesson for 20euro and then immediately gave 12 of that away and just before the class started, I had a 20-minute conversation on my phone for about 8euro. 20euro, easy come, easy go.

Now I’m involved

March 21, 2007

I’m almost 33 years old and today was the first time I ever called a Congressman about something. It was about the Iraq Accountability Act which I honestly must admit I don’t know too much about. However, I read a short blurb of what it was and Moveon.org sent me an email for my district Congressman and his phone number and I called and talked to someone working there and gave my info.

I don’t necessarily think we have to publish the date the majority of our troops redeploy, but rather that large groups get out of there quickly and keeping some in Kuwait for a little, like 3 months, redeploying and providing relief for the groups who are left (something like 20,000 including logistics people) to keep the embassy safe and the rest are training soldiers and helping in some key logistical things, giving advice on water source redevelopment without having american contractors or foreign workers doing the work. We gotta give the Iraqis something else to do and so we have them rebuild their own cities and we’ll pay for it, mostly financially I hope.

Assiyeah has Madonna on. I taught two Business English classes tonight and it was work, but I think I did a pretty good job. Next week is going to be a long ass week and I will work 8 days in a row next week, boo ya!

We’re gonna watch Lost season 2 episode 1 now…