Bush Press Conference any minute

This will be my first Blog 2.0. What does that mean? It means I am going to try and cover Bush’s press conference live in the blog. His first press conference since December 20th, difficult questions will be asked, come on CNN, come through for me, don’t make me watch it on the internet. Now they’ve got weather, perfect weather in Riyadh, you’re watching CNN. Your World Today…

African commercial for “African Journalist Awards”. Some modern commercial with many different images being shown flowing, it was presented by Shell.

Snow at the white house, it looks cold and crusty there. We should be positive about the North Korea nuclear arm talks.

All right, he’s expected to begin with a 5-7 minute statement.

Damn, I’m not good at this. Baghdad security plan. The plan is already a year old! Shit has changed so much since then. Iraqi soldiers being put into Baghdad, Petraeus apparently said the new security command center is being finished up in the city. Coordination between Iraqi and coalition soldiers and they talk to each other. Terrorists will send car bombs into people. (Bush is right about the difficulty of dealing with suicide bombers). The violence distrubs people. Wow, he knows he can’t stop all of the suicide bombers. What a grasp of reality. They want to grow up in a peacefull government. He’s talking about Maliki and now about the Congress. Comprehensive review of our strategy. Disastrous consequences.

I just totally disagreed with him. That if we “lose Baghdad” they will come to us.

40 Billion dollar budget. What about our budget? 3 trillion?

Unifiying the country? What about country?

They’ve had the plan since January and they’ve never used it?

Korea peninchula.

Why don’t we ban nuclear weapons ourselves? What if weapon’s makers changed their factories to find alternatives fuel sources.

Russia arms race question. I’ve tried to convince Putin that NATOa is a good thing. Democracies tend not to fight each other. Wow.

How do you know that Iran is responsible for attacks in Iraq? Is it worse if the government of Iran knew or didn’t knew? Iran with a nuclear weapon could be dangerous.

Jesus, the past few minutes are scaring me. DAavid Gregory asked the president if he is planning war on Iran. What a disturbing answer. He just cut him off of a second question. Bush is out of control. He is not answering questions. I strongly disagree. “They’re flat wrong”.

I’m sure no one I knew back home is consciously watching this. I can’t say it more plainly. There are weapons in Iraq harming American soldiers that come from the Iranian Secret Service and “were going to do something about it.”

Do you agree with teh NIE statement that says there is civil war in Iraq? It’s not an open-ended comittment but there are no benchmarks, she asked.

Now’ he’s talking about ethnic cleansing. He’s basically dodging the question. Safehaven for extremism.

Declining troop morale? It’s the families who feel this way. The commanders on the ground tell me not. “I want the troops home as soon as possible.”

Can we use diplomacy in Iran? He said that we already were.

Is a vote against your plan emboldening to terrorists? Good question…I understand that Congress is going — need flexibility to get the job done.

Sorry, he’s been babbling in the most fascinating way for a few minutes.

Valerie Plame question. Yes. I will recycle you.

Allies in Europe do busines with Iran?

Money trumps peace sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Presidential rACE question.

He didn’t say articulate. (laughter)

What matters to the American people is to see progress.

What really matters is what happens.

I work for politico.com.

Do you want to explain to what politico.com is?

My Democratic retreat: we’re willing to put our families through the grind of politics, we care deeply what takes place.

My hope is that we can positive pieces of literature passed.

I hope I’m right.

There seems to be agreement that we should have a balanced budget.

We need a temporary-worker program.

12 million illegals.

I don’t believe we should give them automatic amnesty.

is an opportunity for us to work together. America has done more than any other nation in the world to promote renewable energy, we’re good stewards of the environment.


uninsured to have private health insurance.

The governors are coming into town.

Rewriting tax code.

global economy. jobs of the 21st century remain here in America.

They shouldn’t expect me to change my principles.

It’s gonna take work.

That’s why you pay us so much money.

I thought he was bored. Remember the debates?

Why don’t we do one-on-one diplomacy with Iran?

Damn, it’s over.

What did you think of my play by play?


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