Spring cleaning?

Can one try and begin spring cleaning in mid-February? It’s raining, I’m lazy, I’m slowly adding some stuff to the apartment, photos on the walls, cleaning behind a couple of corners, organizing some books and the desk. Assiyeah thought it was an ongoing process, like aging but I explained to her that the first 3 months I lived in the apartment I did very little to get my life set up here. The folks are coming to visit in 2 months and I guess that’s my goal, to have the apartment sort of look “ready to be shown”. I dusted on top of Assiyeah’s closet, making our stuff up there look a bit more organized.

It’s not ready, that much I can promise you. At times I enjoy the process or rearranging, of trying to make things fit better or more dynamically, especially in my living space. There are of course “more important” things I could be doing but who are you, my mother? It’s better to accomplishing something than to be accomplishing nothing, right?

I’ve been using SKYPE more often lately and digging it. It’s much more than just a messenger-type thing and phone calls. I can call computers and phones, with video if I want, dragging files into our conversation and it downloads on the other’s computer. Less than 2 cents a minute to call any phone in the United States. Technology kicks ass in this case. Now in cases where technology doesn’t kick ass, you’ll have think about that one yourself and get back to me. I’m too busy trying to accomplish something…


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