It’s funny, I am one of the constants in my life. When you live in your hometown, there isn’t as much of your friends up and moving to other places in the world but when you’re an expat it seems to be more of a normal occurrence. One friend moved to New Zealand last year but he’s coming back soon. Another is moving to Berlin. And last night another told he’d been accepted into a university in Shanghai. Another friend moved to Frankfurt and is moving to Hamburg at the end of the month.

And I’m here. And I want to be here. I am not averse to change, quite the opposite actually. I just like instituting the change myself. I love where I live, I love my apartment and the style and quality of my life. The opportunities afforded to me here appear lucky, even though anyone who knows me knows that I like to put myself just at Luck’s windowsill so when she opens up the window looking for someone to bequeath such wonderfullness, I’m waiting there, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, smiling like a 7-year old on Xmas morning. I don’t want to leave Freiburg right now. This is where I am becoming an artist, or really, it’s hard to categorize because since I’ve been here, I’ve written a book (my 4th), done more than 6 photo exhibitions, and am now working on a fashion show. I am thinking of doing a “book evening”, with all 4 of my books printed out, a book of short stories to boot. Do a reading from some, have some discussion of points brought up in the novels, namely:

1)post-education uncertainty: what to do with one’s life after one graduates from university
2)Quebec separatism; the road; how to define love without appearing narcissistic
3)get-famous-quick schemes: our 15 minutes of mine has been reduced to 15 seconds but also has become more of a reality.
4)European travel, starting a new relationship while still hurting from the last, overcoming the obvious influences in your life to act as you should

Other points could be brought up as well but it could make for a nice evening I think. So as my friends disperse to different parts of the world, I’m trying to disperse into different avenues of art and expression.


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