Joe Biden

Joe Biden is running for president. I’m sure he’s not perfect but he’s the guy who has my vote so far. I watched him on Realtime with Bill Maher awhile back and liked how he said what he said. I can’t believe we are 21 months from the election and I have even said who I so far am voting for. What’s happened to me?

Probably the most amazing commentary on where American potential lies:

Joe Biden, on the day that he has announced his intention to run for President, he will be appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now just think about that for a second. Where our society is, the guy who is running for president is going to go on a news satire show that has a very specific demographic (hello, online petition dude!) that could become politically active in the next year and a half. I just want to say again that this is a time in America where great people will emerge from this experience as part of the new America that has sort of shed a certain reverence for all that is decent, not necessarily in the Stewart/Stern kind of way, but not to be as blinded by relative comforts while great injustices happen in the name of our country every single day. I almost feel guilty about enjoying how great my life is here. I want the soldiers out of there, and what I’m talking about is still having a force in Kuwait to active as reminder. We need to actually accept that our country in many ways is hitting one of the lowest points of its history and this where the heroes escape, showing us to the light again because it propels us upward, always yearning, always hoping always dreaming, praying. But in a nondenominational kind of way. We need to understand the impact that our large footprints can leave around the world and perhaps think about spending more for some things if it means we don’t have to send extra aircraft carriers to the Persian gulf, ya know?

Anyway, watch or TIVO Daily show tonight!


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