What is your bank account number?

Seriously, the weather shouldn’t be so good. It’s about 50 degrees and sunny, I went for a run earlier this afternoon because one of my classes got cancelled. I have another 2.5 hours off before taking a tram just before 7pm. I have a class from 7.30-9pm that I prefer not to teach but it’s nothing personal, it’s just that once you are home for a few hours, it’s hard to get motivated to go out again, even if the weather is nice!

I just put in a Curtis Mayfield song while typing this entry. Thanks to comedycentral.com for giving me Daily Show segments a day or two after they play. They’re definitely going to be taking my time away from youtube but that’s probably pretty good. What have I gotten done on my list of stuff to do today:

2)research on Bratislava hotel
3)research on train times to Berlin
4)confirmed my classes for Berufs Akademie starting in two weeks

I’m pooped. I haven’t been sleeping enough lately for a variety of reasons. I have either been going to bed too late, or having to pee in the middle of the night like an old man (at 32, am I?), or getting up too early. Saturday night got a little out of hand but it was fantastic, we had a blast and it was cool too because we spoke German the whole night pretty much.

Yesterday I had the day off and I wasted the hell out of it, it was great! I watched a movie called “Jarhead” about a day in the life of a Marine during the Gulf War, watched some My Name is Earl, got some new headphones and dropped off some film for Assiyeah. Last night we had schnitzel for dinner and it was tasty but I really do need to think about what I’m eating and when I’m eating it. It’s easy to want to eat something at midnight or later after going out all night but it’s definitely not best for the waistline, ya know what I’m saying? Especially after buying 5 new pairs of pants when I was home, hahah but things are okay. I’m going to try and get a workout or two and one more run in this week. Unfortunately I have to work on Saturday but it’s a private lesson for 3 hours and it’s definitely worth 130 bucks so I’ll not go out too much on Friday so I can have a semblance of professionalism.

Speaking of Friday, one of the most important days since I’ve lived in Germany. I am going with an acquaintance of mine to the German Social Security to officially make them aware of me and also to beging our negotiation to try and get me out of a backpayment. God, not having to pay back 4-12,000 euro will be like the best feeling ever, that’s what this struggle has done to me, after 10 months, that just not having to pay all of my money into a bad investment is a great feeling, oy vey! We’ll see, one very likely scenario is that they take my tax return for last year, which I believe says 10,500 euro earned after write offs and all that jazz and make me pay 20% of that every month starting this month. That would make it: 2100euro/year and when you divide that by 12, you get 175euro/month. I would not be happy at all about having to pay that for many reasons, namely because it’s more than my current rent but mostly because I don’t think I should have to because I have my own private IRA in the States. We are going to negotiate down to 79.50euro/month which is the voluntary payment and it’s funny but 80euro a month for the rest of my life here so that I never have to talk to the Auslaenderbehoerde or the Regierungspraesidium or the German Social Security and I might actually get payments of 50euro/month when I’m 70 make it totally worth it. If I had to hear any bad news…Please say: Mr. Brown, I’m sorry but you have to pay something and so let’s make it the lowest amount but you’ll be done with us forever. And I will say, what is your bank account number?

I’ll keep ya updated…


One Response to What is your bank account number?

  1. Jeremy says:

    FYI: Comedycentral.de now has entire episodes of The Daily Show on their website for a day after they air in the US!!!

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