Did the US tiptoe around a military commitment?

They didn’t tiptoe around a military commitment. They threw us out of a window so we could fall on a military commitment. That’s certainly not eh same thing. This thing was politicized around 2000/1 with the PNAC statement. This thing became illegal around summer 2002 when the Downing Street memo became known, 6-9 months before going to war. This thing became more illegal when two before the invasion the intelligence services were saying that the report about Iraq looking for yellow-cake uranium in Niger was a forgery and no weight should be given to it.

I would not be so “angry” if this hadn’t all been so unavoidable. If they really still believed the evidence at the time of the invasion, with multiple (I’m talking about 100, from various agences and at least 10 of them written) intelligence sources being completely behind the Iraq/Niger story and saying that things are imminent. A strike is absolutely necessary or our way of life in the United States could be kissed goodbye. Put this letter down and scrambles aircraft carrier type of being behind the intelligence they had. Bush and Co. already knew it was a forgery before it was put into the State of the Union address. Putting knowingly false material into the president’s most important speech of each year that inducesus to go to war in which thousands of Americans will die, most likely more than a trillion dollars or more will be wasted on fostering hatred, only insuring that this struggle goes behind territory but serious ideological differences, where the powers at be are going to do their best in giving us a sense of fear while encouraging us to shop and drive whatever damn car you want.

This is a goddamn shame that I have had to seek out and find out what is going on in this story because I think it is such an injustice, not only to the people who are losing their families, homes, arms and so on but even to us, “normal folk” who have to sit on the sidelines and openly gawk at how a few idiots on both sides are slowly making the world a much worse place to live. One of the biggest differences between these idiots is that one side is in charge of the most powerful government in the world, with many fingers on many buttons, and the media numbing to let them conduct this grand old capitalistic enterprise, where everyday at least 100 new people everyday decide that they hate America, a feeling I am hurt to see them having, because I love America, I think it is the best country in the world, in the America I think of (mostly pre-Kennedy assasination) but mostly as an ideal. America is basically the only country in the world with an ideal. And that ideal has been perverted and taken advantage of in the name of money and power. 100 new people hate me everyday because of the actions of others. That is not right. It wouldn’t be so bad if those same people weren’t raping the economy/environment/future at the same time.

And there we are, sitting on the sidelines, some of us not paying attention because of the wonderful diversions they’ve given us of which many I am quite enamoured, but not paying attention nonetheless, and some of us watching with varying amounts of disbelief, indifference and outrage. I am too lazy for outrage. Or rather, my life is too enjoyable to feel outrage. I am firmly stuck in disbelief. And now I think of it as my job to represent America, the America that I love, that is free-thinking, laid back, friendly and idealistic, that operates in a fashion which takes some of our hard-earned dollars to other countries in the world who really need help, of which about 60% of those countries is in Africa. Not give it to countries whose ideologies outweigh respecting sovereign nations and even money. But they are still getting rich and fostering hate. That is where our hard-earned money goes. More disbelief.

However, I gotta start cooking back here in reality. I should have started 15 minutes ago but I got a bit carried away. I hope you got through this okay…PEACE


2 Responses to Tiptoed

  1. Roman says:

    I was tuning in to Congress’ response to Bush’s State of the Union and several of them made it perfectly clear that “we are divided” in regards to the President’s agenda. Now I’m not very politcal saavy, but I’ve learned enough in life to know that division leads to weakness and failure. I hope there is some light in the future of our country during what have been some dark and deceitful times. We need a leader that brings unity to our people! Not division!

  2. Jason says:

    You said it, Roman!

    Much love to you on a cold, lightly snowy Saturday!


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