State of the Union

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia.

Which of these countries are our allies?


State of the Union last night, you all had the chance to see it, I didn’t. How was it? I read an op-ed in the New York Times but it isn’t the same as watching it live. Cutting gas consumption by 20%. Wow, about time. Did you talk to big oil before making that comment? Does that include “asking” automakers to stop making huge-ass cars that suck up gas more than anything?

We’ve forgotten Afghanistan. The Taliban appears to gaining power again, running through the Khyber Pass into Pakistan, our ally.

You know what, maybe we should forget this topic.

It snowed last night. I got up at 6.40am this morning, difficult to get out of bed knowing that snow was everywhere, it was about 15 degrees and I had a boring class to teach. But hey, it’s work and so I did it. I was on the tram at 7.24am, transferred in the center of town, walked 10 minutes to get to work. We talked about family and travel. Then I had a class with 3 lawyers and we talked about their theses and my work problems. I think they like hearing about it because they are interested in how this little flea (me) is trying to take on the largest of bureaucratic monsters in this country of 80 million After that class, I walked another 10 minutes, bought a Danish-type thing for some breakfast and then taught some American History, namely the 1920’s: The Lost Generation and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Babe Ruth, Race Relations and the KKK, and automobiles. I came home and had some lunch, did some organizing of some stuff and am now chillin while youtubin’ Olbermann’s take on the State of the Union address, and more importantly for me, the Scooter Libby trial. That’s the dude that apparently outed Valerie Plame, a CIA agent, after her husband Joseph Wilson went to Niger to see if Iraq had tried to buy weapons-grade uranium only to find that it was bunk and then wrote an op-ed piece in the NY Times saying that the administration had possibly cooked intelligence or at least had cherry-picked it in order to take the country to war in Iraq. It appears that Dick Cheney, the worst public servant since Aaron Burr, had much more of an involvement on what happened in this case. I hope he starts getting a bit nervous. God, I can’t stand that guy.

Thank you, youtube! Without you I would be way out of the loop on what is happening in the world. I was probably “happier” before I got so interested in politics and current events but it’s so amazing to see that the world still functions while the most evil and greedy things are going on. Daily Show, Colbert Report, Olbermann, Bill Maher. These four guys are helping me find out what is happening in America.

What is happening in America?


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