letter to one of my students about my work permit

hey Niklas,
A girl from the newspaper called me after our class today and wanted to know more about my case. I told her about the rentenversicherung and howthe case has become a lot more delicate in the past few weeks and we have to be careful about how we portray me and my problem. Most people will think at first:

He lives here, he works here, he pays taxes, he should pay rentenversicherung because maybe he stays here forever.

That will be the natural reaction of a good portion of the people who actually read the newspaper sunday afternoon, ya know? We have to try and make the story seem that:

1)I’ve been here four years.
2)We include my original letter to the Auslaenderbehoerde from May 2005 to give them most of all the backstory they need to show a good side of me.

Also, I plan to go to the Auslaenderbehoerde around next Friday, the 26th. It would be good if I could we could wait until then. I might, just might be able to get my extension with a quiet, polite conversation with my sachbearbeiter’s boss’ boss. Then we shouldn’t have a letter printed two days later UNLESS the article is to show how the system worked and we should all pat ourselves on the back, that I, as a foreigner in this country, tried to get the support from my friends and students here, to come to my behalf as Germans and say, “this one is okay, he can stay” and they did, with approximately 35 people writing the Auslaenderbehoerde, 2 Stadtraetinnen made phone calls/wrote letters, the Auslaenderbehoerde took a lot of heat/stress because of me and now they have suddenly changed the battleground with social security backpayments, a dangerous topic financially. As I told the reporter today, having to pay back the money and begin paying that amount here in Germany would basically ruin my life. I mean this in a financial/enjoyment of life/small dream fulfillment kind of way, weissh?

That’s why we have to wait until I go to the Auslaenderbehoerde to see what happens there. They most likely will either have to inform the higher office or have to answer something about my case when/if they ask a question to the Auslaenderbehoerde at some time. I need to provide the alternative that makes everyone happy:

*I have my own pension scheme in California. Here are receipts from two pension schemes in California and a receipt from payments into American Social Security.

*I have been here for 4 years, paying taxes, integrating, donating money to charity, putting on photo exhibitions and now this summer a fashion show with students from another university. I contribute to the city.

*In the 4 years I have been here, I have never needed a thing from Germany. As a matter of fact, I paid taxes. I have proven that I haven’t asked for anything from Germany(knock on wood) in terms of unemployment payments or other social help services. Germany will never have to take care of me when I’m older because I have my own system in California where my people are from, California with the 8th strongest economy in the world,yes, that one.

Do you see what I mean?

All that should really happen in the end is that I pay my 25 euro, get my work extension for 2 more years, and in 16 months I will apply for an unlimited residence permit and show pension scheme payments if they like and I pay 25 euro and then get the unlimited one. And I’ll say thank you and “Have a nice weekend” as I leave. That is how all of this should play out and you can quote.

I need to figure out how to make the above happen. Can you help?


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