What I signed to the petition to George Bush about…

the increase of troops to Iraq when it asked if I had any other comments:

And I hope all politicians involved please don’t forget about passing the War Profiteering Act of 2007 proposed by Pat Leahy. Unpatriotism is cheating your country out of billions of dollars overcharging and providing shoddy work without oversight. We should follow the Geneva Convention’s laws. We should start using the FISA courts for the national security’s wiretapping. Suspension of Habeas Corpus should be repealed immediately.

We should find a way to integrate the nation’s illegal aliens without having both political parties’ self-interest involved. Our Forefathers invented what will most likely forever be remembered as the most important political document of all time. Our duty is to follow that paper and use it to guide our judgements, not to find small holes in the slowly disintegrating document and punch your fist through them.

We should put the kind of money put into Iraq into things like getting the homeless off the street, trying to assuage more extreme poverties and inner city decay. We should decrease the importance of lobbyists in our political structure. We should all have health insurance and pharaceuticals should occasionally make some drugs that help millions of poor people (i.e., not a new cholesterol medicine for rich white people who eat rich foods but more like AIDS medicine, things of that nature.

We have to start using alternative forms of fuel as soon as possible, with the side benefit of allowing us to unentangle ourselves from the Middle East which is proving easily to be the most dangerous place on earth. If companies are not allowed to do business with Iran, how can a subsidiary of Halliburton do business with them?

Can you please reopen the investigation to September 11th and appoint an independent council? Can we take tighter control of campaign financing?

Okay well, I guess that’s enoug for now. Good luck.

I wonder if I’ll be on some government list now…


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