4am two days in a row

I’m sick. I have been wide awake at 4am two days in a row and it’s been tough. I almost fell asleep at work today, while students were reading a text! I will keep this short but wanted to inform you of something I thought was good.

There’s a documentary called “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers” which makes a very interesting case about how some large corporations have been overcharging the US government for work done in Iraq. Attempts to have this stopped by the Republican-led Congress was stopped a few times but now, with the Dems in control, Patrick Leahy has a new bill that would potentially impose a fine of “double gross profits” when it is proven that the company has shirked the government of money and up to a 20-year prison sentence. That’s what I’m talking about. Making a profit is one thing. Making it at the expense of others, namely soldiers who are risking their lives, and your employees, who are risking their lives, and giving them improper information or equipment to maximize profits is wrong.

Okay, that’s all…

Oh no, one more thing. I got my bike back! It was unlocked today next to the apartment and I brought a lock down and locked it up and left a note on it trying to discourage the person from restealing it! yeah…


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