Saturday afternoon

I was at Walmart today and was disappointed. It was as huge as I remember but not as cheap as I remember. But I guess many things go that way as you get older, eh?

I am going to have a movie screening in Freiburg for a film called “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers” which should be amazing. I think that technology, namely the proliferation of cameras in the field, the Internet by which I mean Youtube and blogging, is changing the world. Things that we could have never known about 5-10 years ago we can read or see less than an hour after it happens. We have never had such an abundance of information that the bathrobe scholar can sift through and that is exactly what he/she has to do. Not all of it is true but just watching the news in general you have to know that not all of it is true, meaning that it is skewed.

Ya know, I just realized that the Simpsons in German have just started. I guess that is as important as anything else right now. I’ll fill ya in on more tomorrow!


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