2007 holidays are slowing shaping up!

I’m a freak! I have been trying to tell myself that I would travel less often in 2007 and while that will end up probably being true, it is already starting to spiral out of control. For example…

I will still be in California the first five days of the year. In late February we plan to go to Turkey for 16 days. In April I will go to Berlin, Budapest and Vienna with my folks. And then I got an inspiration while watching football last night. I have been interested in Montenegro for quite a few months now and really want to see it. It became independent on June 3, 2006. Before that it was part of Serbia. I want to go for my 33rd birthday next year. I want to see Serbia and Montenegro. It may not be the cheapest trip (I’m sure while there it is cheap but getting there will cost more than other European holidays I’ve been on) but it should be fantastic. And then in August, instead of a 2-month trip like this year, I thought I would probably scoot away for about 3 weeks in August to Romania and Bulgaria, two new EU countries and then in September one more week with the Timeshare if possible. That already looks like more than 50-60 days of holiday though only the first couple are assured.

Sorry, this stuff consumes a good portion of my thought when I am at work sometimes and I wanted to unburden myself and let ya in on the secret!


5 Responses to 2007 holidays are slowing shaping up!

  1. Moondoggie says:

    You poor over traveling bastard, some of us only get like two weeks a year. But I can have a slice of pizza, chicken tenders, and a bean burrito all at the same restauraunt. (of course referencing the taco bell,pizza hut, KFC mega conglomerate)
    I look forward to seeing you my friend, say hi to Assiyeah!

  2. Sandra Kraisirideja says:


    I think it’s great that you are travelling so much and you should never apologize. I think you’re truly living life to the fullest and I admire what you have created for yourself.


  3. Jason says:

    hey guys, good to hear from ya!

  4. May Cathrin says:

    I wanna go too teiting

  5. Jason says:

    what up woman? How is the new job? You need to get down to Freiburg this weekend!

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