Two beers

I went from saying I would have two beers and be home by midnight to peeling myself away sometime after 3am. How does that happen?

Here is an article about we can impeach George Bush ourselves, or at least begin the proceedings, something we have to at least read…

Life is still in chaos but always stuff to update on. I couldn’t get through the Francisco Goya biography because it seemed to meander more than even I like, and so I started this book about treason in China in the late 1720s, pretty good so far. I want to read David McCullough’s biography of John Adams next but it is such a beast that it would be difficult to cart around all the time.

I bought some more plane tickets, from Bratislava, Slovakia to Basel, Switzerland for April 15, 2007. That kind of connection, for less than 50bucks per person one way didn’t exist 5 years ago, let alone 20 years ago. I bought 4 tickets, for my folks and Assiyeah and I. We have a nice little 10 day trip lined up for April. So far holiday is shaping up like this

February 2007 – Turkey for 16 days
April 2007 – Berlin/Budapest/Vienna 10 days
May 2007 – ?? I dig the idea of using a timeshare or going for a week to somewhere new, Croatia?

Oh yeah!

There is so much to do but I just don’t care. I am so happy to have Saturday to chill out and do nothing. I had not been so excited for a Friday night in so damn long, it was even that I wanted to go out and get crazy but the concept of Friday night was huge. I am going to do some dishes, cook some pork with curry and rice and maybe watch 40-year old Virgin again, with 3 German girls. As I said, Oh Yeah!

I got interviewed by local radio yesterday afternoon and I hope to have a two-three minute piece on the radio in the next week or two. I also bought tickets to see My Morning Jacket in January, don’t know if I mentioned that already or not but oh yeah!


One Response to Two beers

  1. May Cathrin says:

    Where are they playing, and when? When are you going to and coming back from the states?

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