Istanbul, horst!

As I said last week, our flights to Morocco were cancelled and it threw our post-semester plans into the air. This year we were in Paris for 9 days and it was fantastic but the most important thing to us for this holiday was definitely a new place and perhaps even a little exotic. That was why Morocco was a great choice, it was cheaper than Germany, cheap to get there and for sure an exotic place compared to SoCal and SW Germany. Our short list of possible alternatives got short quickly when we remembered exactly what we were looking for, something new, something exotic.

February 16th at 10:20pm, we are going to be on a plane from Basel, Switzerland to Istanbul, Turkey! This is huge news, instead of our first trip to Africa, this will be our first trip to the Middle East and probably one of the “easier” Middle Eastern to travel in first. What is really amazing, we have booked one way tickets. Calm down mom (and friends who pass info on quickly), of course we are coming back to Germany but with these cheap airlines, they are point to point airlines which means that flying back from another city isn’t always such a penalty like it usually is for American flights. We will have at least two weeks, maybe even a whopping 16 days if I can find out when the next semester at Furtwangen starts. That is huge. It means we have many possibilities, of which I have no idea and must research, namely:

*Istanbul, with a trip to Gallipoli, the site of a huge WWI battle
*Istanbul to Ankara, the capital with a few days in Capadoccia
*Istanbul to Izmir
*Istanbul to Bodrum
*Istanbul to Antalya

Hell, we could even travel through Bulgaria or NE Greece, it is totally open to us. With 16 days, you can cover a lot of ground but at the same time, spending it all in one country does give you an awesome sense of “getting to know it”.

One of the my university classes is getting out of control because of this charity presentation thing. These 100euro I am going to donate could grow into something much larger, at least 200euro now, actually, because students said they would also donate something. That is exciting. I feel I am giving the students a forum to make a difference in the world, to learn about something new and to do it in a foreign language no less. It might not be my exact job responsibility at the University but in a way, it is exactly what I should be doing: giving the students a chance to think. By making it vague, they can fill in the holes. This could really get big but don’t wanna blow it out of proportion.

Morris, of “I wanna go to Philly” Morris, astounded me last Friday by saying that he had collected over 600 bucks for his Philly trip so far!!! That’s f*cking insane! I told him not to spend it at the poker table or stripclub and he said he’d already put it into his savings account. I think Morris is going to Philly. I hope he can get tix to a game, go on top the city hall, see the main museum there, also visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, man oh man!

I guess that is it for now. There is probably more to babble about but I need to get back to life. Oh yeah, I have been telling everyone that there was a small revolution in the US 10 days ago. They give me a blank look and I remind them about the election and the fact that during a war we were able to change the legislative branch, a branch that has been giving Bush way too much carte blanche on his thoughts on the country’s direction, and at least the Democrats can, as Bill Maher put it, obstruct Bush. That is not a bad thing being an obstructionist, not in this case. All right, before I start getting into it, I will wish you “adieu” and I will try and update this thing more often. I have a sense of responsibility to get it together but it’s tough. That just about sums up life pretty well. It is really hard to get everything lined up how you want, and go to work and create more possibilities for life to flourish and have weekends. Man, I need to start playing the lottery!


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