Morris and Jason


Believe it or not, I am not the Jason referred to in the subject line. That’s a different Jason. Morris is first, actually. I met him at O’Kellys last night, just back from 6 months in Iraq. He is a super nice guy and you can see the goodness of the world in his eyes. He has learned a little bit of Arabic and I encourage him to learn more. He is stationed in Germany now but will be going back to Iraq in probably “oh eight”, Jason said.

It was great getting to meet soldiers, to buy them a beer and let them know that I am happy they are in Germany safely. It’s a hard thing, having me here living it up on a small scale and then there are other Americans basically in the eye of the storm trying to help a troubled nation clear its streets of bad guys. It’s got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. And who knows, maybe they stay inside the the barracks all day and clean guns but even still, not being able to even enjoy the country that you are stationed in seems a tough assignment.

Originally I had wanted to help them but I see now that I will only be able to help them on a small scale. A lot of info is missing from this post because I edited it but basically I wanted to help one of them go to Philly and one to Chicago for various reasons. I know we all support the troops but in what way? Is paying taxes merely enough? In 98% of all cases, yes it is enough. But I just thought I could help them in other ways. What I did this weekend was buy a couple of beers, give them a keychain from my friend’s bar back home, a little shoutout for Boscoes in the wonderful city of Lake Forest and a Guiness bracelet. It’s meager but I think it is the thought that counts. At least that is what my mom taught me.

Also, Corrie and her boyfriend Tony were here to visit last week. I was sick the whole time but we had a blast, eating some fine dinners, have at least one night where we were out to late and then poof, they left for Rome. I think they are still in Rome as I write. Another friend of mine from College is in Italy right now. A friend of a friend lives in Italy. Another wants to move there. Don’t they know that Italy is for Italians??? hahah

I will be home in 5.5 weeks, from Dec 15 to Jan 5th. For those of you in the SoCal, please make a note of it and let’s try and hang, shall we?


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