Back in Germany

and poof, just like that, I’m back in Germany. It was such a good thing that I went home this past week. It was only 5 nights but it was worth it. I was glad to be there for my pops and it was great to see some of his friends show up for the funteral. We got to play golf. My mom and I went to a movie and did some shopping. I saw some good buddies and had some beers and watched sports with them. I ate Mexican food 5+ times. It was just what I needed.

However, now I’m back with lots of work to do. I just don’t have enough free time to accomplish all of my goals. I need to get writing on Selling to the Norwegians, my fifth book, again because it has been 4 months probably and I have at least one or two other books to write, and the photo exhibitions and fashion show and work and on Thursday I am going to Ben Harper in Strasbourg with Corrie and her boyfriend who live in Philly. Corrie will be my first repeat visitor besides my parents. She must get some kind of prize, right?


One Response to Back in Germany

  1. Moondoggie says:

    As a prize have her drink the glass “boot”. Ben Harper hell yeah!! Sorry I missed you friend…Catch you for the holidays!
    “Why don’t the newscasters cry when they read about people who died? The least they could do is to put just a tear in their eye!”

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