the last full day

not much to report, we have had a kick ass hotel in lima, overlooking the beach, haven´t done too much, a shitload of shopping, some souvenir stuff, I think we are going to get manicures and pedicures next, that´s right gentlemen, just a bit of pruning before going back to germany. Hey, it will only cost 15 bucks total for the two of us to get the mani and the pedi, as they say.

Oh yeah, and I´m an uncle now, so to speak! My oldest friend, as in the person I have known the longest, Amy Mensch nee Renziehausen gave birth to a boy today, Jake! That is an amazing feeling, I can´t wait to see him in 3 months at Xmas time and I hope Amy is doing okay, a shoutout to ya´ll and much love!

There is a bunch of crap to take care of when we get back, namely why did the landlord not receive rent while I was gone, where is my cell phone and which of the numerous souvenirs will Assiyeah let me put on the walls!



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